The five most challenging Call of Duty campaigns of all time

There are several CoD campaigns that contain epic narratives and famous personalities. Our top 5 most tough CoD campaigns.

However, Call of Duty has produced several outstanding single-player games, the newest being Vanguard. Campaigns were formerly the main selling point of FPS games.

Live service models have mostly replaced this component. Except for Black Ops III, every major Call of Duty game has included a campaign.

Hardest CoD campaigns

Except for BLOPS III, we can vouch for all of these campaigns on Veteran difficulty.

A veteran may turn a simple task into a long patience test. This differentiates campaigns.

So the last several years have been considerably easier. Some of the series’ most difficult levels are recalled in retrospect.

5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

This game’s odd mean level will bring out the veins in your cranium.

Then comes Takedown, a nerve-wracking thrust into the Favela, and Wolverines’ open-ended character.

After that, you’re pulled into the vile Gulag. Veterans will need to use their survival and escape skills in Whiskey Hotel and Loose Ends.

4. Call of Duty 2

Early Call of Duty games set the standard for subsequent game difficulty.

Compared to the first game, CoD2 is more streamlined and planned, yet it still features grenades and Matrix-trained Germans.

The levels certainly appear to become harder towards the end, as they should. German respawn factory never stops. Call of Duty apk regenerative healing system allowed players to rest.

3. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

That nuclear explosion scene and many more make this experience memorable, not to mention the rigorous challenges.

But the death screen is only seen in a few missions. In Charlie The Hunted, even climbing the hill in Safehouse takes a long time.

The game’s last challenges are the most difficult. Not a timed slog through steam, crowded tunnels full of opponents, and Mile High Club.

It’s a minute rush up a floor through 50 foes in the smallest fighting area yet. Many CoD4 Trophies and Achievements miss out on veterans.

2. Call of Duty World at War

Call of Duty: World at War, released in 2008, could’ve been named Call of Duty World at War.

In a game where adversaries respawn endlessly and the Germans own every grenade, patience and bravery are required in

The first 14 missions on Veteran are difficult, followed by Heart of the Reich, the most difficult FPS mission ever produced. Due to lack of cover, endless opponent strikes, and grenade escapes, taking down four AA guns might take hours.

World at War is a true CoD difficulty test.

1. Call of Duty (Call of Duty: Classic)

That person hasn’t finished the original Call of Duty campaign on Veteran.

Weird, it’s so easy. Also, checkpoints may be provided while being shot, and adversaries often appear behind you, aiming perfectly.

Vanguard & Warzone Doors: Peek
So there’s that, plus the insanely difficult Pavlov’s House and the POW Camp.

Doubtful? Then report back.

So those are our top 5 Call of Duty: Mobile campaigns. Even if your list varies significantly, we can all agree that Call of Duty has given up some devilishly tough delicacies.

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