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There are lots of places in D.C. to commune with statues of effective U.S. presidents, but there’s just one place where one can see all the mediocre ones too: Madame Tussauds (punctuationally challenged) wax museum (1001 F St. NW).

On the recent Wednesday mid-day, I visited Madame Tussauds to determine who really pays upward of $20 ($15.50 using the locals’ discount) to go to this uncanny valley of presidents and celebrities. The solution: mostly just me.

I spent twenty minutes alone and more and more scared within the Hall of Presidents, a number of rooms that contains wax figures of 43 commanders in chief. These unnervingly realistic figures stare attentively in to the middle distance, gesturing at random, similar to real politicians.

This display of replicas of famous people' src= This display of replicas of famous people’s eyeballs isn’t creepy whatsoever. (Sadie Dingfelder/For Express)

I breathed a sigh of relief when another vacationers showed up: a household from Houston, who viewed a short video concerning the good reputation for the museum featuring actors with indecipherable cockney accents after which became a member of me within the Hall of Presidents.

The household began to pose with George Washington in the rowboat, however they were briefly baffled with a sign inviting these to don Colonial garb first.

“Where would be the costumes?” stated the mother.

“Maybe we’re designed to bring our very own,Inches her boy responded.

They clicked pictures with Washington anyway and, boy, were they thorough, recording every possible permutation of individuals: mother, father and daughter mother, daughter and boy and so on. They repeated this series with John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. I would offer to consider an image of these altogether until it grew to become obvious they would pose with each and every single president. They’re most likely still lower there, subsisting on gift-shop chocolate and sleeping under Herbert Hoover’s desk.

There have been a couple of other historic figures sprinkled in one of the presidents, including Rosa Parks, that you can join on her behalf bus seat. After I did, a disembodied voice commanded me to maneuver. This occurs no matter your race, which makes it appear like Parks’ great act of civil disobedience ended up being to ignore a bus driver who wanted everybody to maneuver back, possibly to create room for individuals boarding.


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MiN SugA: Like am I the only one who thinks it would be funny if an actual celebrity stood still for a while and nobody knew like I think it would be really funny

Bigreid92: Arnold did it dressed as the Terminator before the release of Terminator Genesis.

LaShaunda High: MiN SugA Janet did it her fans you should find it on YouTube

KaraBell987MSP: What's with the screaming kid and sword fighting!?

Frida Rodriguez: ikr l I'll

Frida Rodriguez: +Frida Rodriguez ikr lol

Kala Halani: is it just me or do some wax figures really look nothing like the original… like beyonce and robert pattinson in the beginning. o.O nearly didnt recognized them.

Grammi Z: & why did Denzel Washington look like he was 12 years old? lol

LaShaunda High: Grammi Z They didn't do a good job on Denzel i'm sorry to say no justice

Johnny Nunez: They have a background music of Michael Jackson but didn't include him as a wax statue -_- wtf.

John Raymond: He's in the child care section.

Justice Thomas: Johnny Nunez He is, it's just the guy did not show him

Kurios Kaleb: I went to the one in london and every now and then I would walk past someone thinking they were a statue and they moved and scared the shit out of me

259president: hahaha

Pufosel Cu Slipici: he passed by tony stark's sculpture and he didn't show it to us :|

rello2fine: Some of them look like they need a bit of retouching because they are getting a little greasy…

Jorden Young: anyone knows if they did Ellen Degenerous?

美丽的公主 Adolfine: The next presiden of indonesia , joko widodo akan dibikinkan patung lilin di museum ini…��

iqra azhar: I think the statue of Muhammad Ali Jinnah is missing.. but why? if gandhi is there then why not him?

Yvette Tripp: Did anyone else notice the kids screaming and the sword  fighting? O.O