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Madame Tussauds Shanghai, which opened up towards the public in the year 2006, may be the sixth on the planet. It’s found on the tenth floor of " New World " Mansion, West Nanjing Road. Shanghai won out over thirty other candidate metropolitan areas by benefiting from its local celebrities and vast market prospects.

Yao Ming
Yao Ming
Audrey Hepburn Katherine Hepburn

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Marie Tussaud, born in Strasbourg, France, was renowned for her wax-making abilities. Her most eminent jobs are the wax figure from the French author Voltaire. In 1835, when she was 74 years of age, Madame Tussauds (formerly typed Madame Tussaud‘s) was placed in London, which increased to become major tourist attraction. Now, aside from the one out of Shanghai, you will find branches in a number of other major metropolitan areas, including Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, Madame Tussauds Wuhan, Madame Tussauds Beijing, Amsterdam, New You are able to City and Vegas.

Madame Tussauds Shanghai is becoming famous around the world because of its realistic wax figures. Now, you will find nearly 80 wax figures, including Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, David Beckham, Tom Cruise, Jordan and Bill Clinton. Each costs greater than a million yuan, and they’re all elaborately produced in the London studio which has greater than two centuries of wax making experience. The finished figures are exhibited in seven Theme Pavilions—Behind the curtain, charm of Shanghai, Historic Celebrities, Movies, Music, Sports and Speed. Behind the curtain will highlight the way a wax statue makes being. Within the charm of Shanghai Pavilion, visitors might have a geniune experience with existence in old Shanghai. The Historic Celebrities Pavilion shows legendary figures from history. In addition, Madame Tussauds Shanghai brings new wax figures into being all walks of existence.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

By using new materials and advanced technology, Madame Tussauds Shanghai offers visitors an excellent experience. For instance, visitors might have interactive connection with a few of the wax figures they are able to negotiate with , take photos with Jackie Chan and Lana Turner, sing songs with pop singers and contend with Guo Jingjing (a famous lady diver in China).

The highlight of Madame Tussauds Shanghai is definitely an adventurous exhibition, given the ‘Scream Hall’. Here visitors are experiencing a heart-stopping adventure with live performances and wax statues you have never witnessed before, making the go to a true test of nerves.

There’s even the chance for people to make their very own hands models on their own, that they will be capable of taking home as souvenir.

1. Take bus 18, 19, 20, 37, 46, 112, 220, 518, 537, 930 or 952 at Middle Xizang Road, East Beijing Road or People’s Square. Find " New World " Building by 50 percent-68 West Nanjing Road. The wax museum is around the tenth floor.
2. Take City Sightseeing Bus to reach there directly.
3. Take Subway Line 1, Line 2 and Line 8, leave at People’s Square Station. Leave from Exit 7 and you’ll begin to see the " New World " Building.
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Opening Hrs: 10:00-21:00 (20:00 for last ticket)
General Ticket: CNY 170 to have an adult ticket & CNY 130 for students ticket
CNY 110 for kids beween .8m and 1.3m or aged people above 65 years of age (unsuited towards the Scream Hall)
Combo Tickets: CNY 330 for adults
CNY 220 for kids

* The combo tickets include Madame Tussauds Shanghai and Changfeng Sea World


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