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Faneuil Hall the “Cradle of Liberty”. The 1742 building was handed towards the city by Peter Faneuil. It burned in 1761, was reconstructed in 1763 and enlarged in 1805.
House from the Seven Gables Historic Site the muse for Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel. For the reason would be the 1682 Hathaway House, the 1658 Retire Beckett House, The Counting House, Nathaniel Hawthorn’s 1804 birthplace, period gardens along with a panorama of Salem Harbor.

Mayflower II is really a reproduction of the type of ship that introduced the pilgrims towards the " New World ".

Museum of Science features greater than 450 interactive exhibits about natural history, physical science, medicine and astronomy.

Colonial Aquarium is around the city’s water-front. The aquarium displays greater than 2,000 fish and marine creatures varying from piranha to penguins. Rising from the middle of your building is really a four-story, circular glass tank that contains a re-produced barrier reef, greater than 180,000 gallons water and countless tropical fish and marine existence, including sharks, turtles and moray eels.

Plymouth National Wax Museum has greater than 180 figures in 26 existence-size scenes of Pilgrim existence, including early Pilgrim struggles, and also the first Thanksgiving.

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Plymouth Plantation Within this living history museum of 17th century Plymouth, costumed interpreters portray residents from the colony. Periodic activities include planting, house building, harvesting, preparing and preserving foods and militia drills.

Plymouth Rock in which the Pilgrims first set feet in December 1620. The rock remains safe and secure with a granite portico.

Quincy Market a renovated 1800s complex that contains greater than 125 restaurants, boutiques, produce stands and retail pushcarts.

Salem Witch Museum The museum depicts the witch trials of 1692.

USS Metabolic rate “Old Ironsides” is situated within Boston Harbor.

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