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How lengthy perform the Candle lights burn?
Approximate burn time is 60 hrs for Candela, 20 hrs for Candelina Classic and 30 hrs for Voyage Candelina.

Which kind of wax can be used for that Candle Collection? 
We make use of a proprietary paraffin wax blend which includes natural vegetable wax.

What sort of wick would you use?
TOCCA uses an exciting-cotton wick. The candle will burn more proficiently when the wick is trimmed to ¼” after each use. Do not let the trimmings to gather within the candle.

Faq tocca My candle appears to become

My candle appears to become “sweating,” is that this normal?
Sweating is totally natural whenever a candle is within extreme temperatures (Cold or hot). It’ll still burn cleanly.

My candle isn’t a pure white-colored color, but includes a yellow hue into it. Is that this ok?
Yes, a couple of in our candle scents are available in shades of yellow, peach and cream because of the kind of scent oil getting used.

Faq tocca Keep candle lights from the

My candle has become dusty from non-use. How do i securely fix it?
For the best results, dampen a gentle cloth with water and just wipe the very best. This can clean the top candle securely. Don’t use any flammable liquid or alcohol-based cleanser.


Faq tocca prevent rapid

What’s the easiest method to burn a TOCCA candle?

  • TOCCA candle lights have a superior power of scent oils and cannot burn greater than four hrs at any given time.
  • Trim candlewicks to at least oneOr4 inch every time before burning.
  • Never burn a candle on or near something that can catch fire. Keep burning candle lights from furniture, drapes, bedding, carpets, books, paper, flammable adornments, etc.
  • Keep candle lights from the achieve of pets and children. Don’t place lighted candle lights where they may be knocked over by children, pets or other people.
  • Always put the candle on the stable, heat-resistant surface.  This may also prevent possible heat harm to counters and table surfaces and stop glass containers from cracking or breaking.
  • Keep burning candle lights from drafts, vents, fans, and air currents. This helps prevent rapid, uneven burning, and steer clear of flame flare-ups and sooting. Drafts may also blow lightweight curtains or papers in to the flame where they might catch fire.
  • Always burn candle lights inside a well-ventilated room.
  • Don’t burn a candle all the way in which lower. Extinguish the flame whether it comes too near to the holder or container. For any margin of safety, discontinue burning a candle when 2 " of wax remains or 1/2 inch if in a container.
  • Never touch a burning candle or move a votive or container candle once the wax is liquid.
  • Never make use of a knife or sharp resist remove wax drippings from the glass holder. It could scratch, weaken, or make the glass to interrupt upon subsequent use.



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