The 6 most horrifying ingredients in everyday cosmetics

You May Have it inside your…

Face creams, moisturizer.

Yes, we’re speaking about this naturally sourced waxy substance accountable for blocking up your arterial blood vessels.

Present in cheese, milk, beef, pork and almost every damn factor that tastes good, cholesterol crops up everywhere. And that’s why we are constantly told it’s harmful to us and can clot our arterial blood vessels like grease inside a drain pipe.

You’ve already suspected that you simply or a loved one has smeared this in your face sooner or later.

"But I’d Never Use Tha-"

The thing is, cholesterol can be found in another essential place: the skin. And, more to the point, animal fat. It is among the components within the uppermost layer of the epidermis where it will help to retain moisture while protecting the low layers from contact with the weather. Because of its skin conditioning and emollient qualities, cholesterol is a perfect component in order to your skin to retain moisture, which helps you to lessen any wrinkles which have had the audacity to look.

"Hurry, wipe this cheeseburger in your oral cavity!"

We can not help but observe that there is not a fancy sounding name to disguise using cholesterol during these anti-aging creams, including L’Oreal, Dove and Elizabeth Arden. We are able to only think that it is because the anti-anti wrinkle cream branch of the profession is really confident of the necessity of the maturing population to have their youthful looks intact, they think that there’s virtually no limit as to the these folks will rub to their faces. Thinking about they offer something known as Snail Gel within the United kingdom, they may not be wrong.

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Olivia Prenoveau: Glad I only buy cruelty free and vegan makeup �� plus I just feel bad for the animals ��

Anna Henderson: Diana M. ok but you shouldn't be killing and torturing them for makeup

Odd Della Robbia: +Anna Henderson I'm not killing them, and vegans themselves can be cruel towards animals! 

Melissa Moretti- Stoops: Back in the 80's when I was a teenager, I loved eye shadow.  Every time I would purchase the shimmer or metallic, color shadow, I would break out & my eyes would puff up. I got so upset, because I thought what's going on???  So I started to purchase an expensive brand rather than the drug store brands. The same thing would happen to me.  After a while, I GAVE UP.  I stopped using eye shadow all together.  \n    I did some research & found out that most shimmer & metallic shadows were made with Fish Scales!! Glad I found that out.  I have been allergic to All Seafood since I was young.  That's why I broke out & got the rash.  GO FIGURE!!!  Now I know what brands to use.  Love the Video!!!

Maitena Muro: You have luck!

sabriel laufey: you could be allergic to mica

FluffyFaucheuse: I heard that horse urine was used to transformed brown to blond air in the Middle Age

Eseercam: I wonder who discovered that ��

lola bigcups: Eseercam Lol Right!

AverageDiva: I could save $100 and use my husband's semen. ������

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Zabrena: +AverageDiva LMBO!!

Tanisha Fuller: This is so interesting!!! Thank you for these type of videos. And I LOVE your shirt, where can I find it?

IamwhoIam: A fake one maybe! You can tell by the chain.

Zabrena: LOL Nice try, not fake :)

Hatersjs84: In ancient Egypt, they used crocodile dung for a face mask.

Vanity Posh: +Hatersjs84 Ughh that is so disgusting! Especially when someone said it's used for contraception.

crypandora66: like for real lmao so gross

samiuel sami: How I am ever gonna put on makeup again ������ on my skin

Amanda Dixon: Most brands have some vegan options.. just have to check ingredients, do some searches, or ask a rep! Not all of these brands, however, are vegan in full is what I was trying to say!