What sort of wax are yankee candle lights produced from?

At www.scentedcandleshop.com we obtain requested this a great deal. What sort of wax are Yankee Candle lights Produced From? Robert Borden gives a look into the caliber of Yankee Candle lights:

"I had been a helper manager in a Yankee Candle Company store inside my nearby mall for quite some time, also it appeared like lots of people who stopped into our store believed that Yankee Candle lights were a higher-quality product made only in the finest ingredients. A couple of individuals, however, had heard rumours about Yankee using inferior ingredients or really being harmful for their health. Consumers need to know concerning the candle lights they’re purchasing, and something question I had been frequently requested was what sort of wax Yankee Candle lights are manufactured from.

Most Yankee Candle lights are made from paraffin wax. Including Housewarmer-brand jar candle lights, votive candle lights, tealights, and every one of the wax tarts which are offered by Yankee Candle Company. Paraffin wax continues to be securely utilized in candle lights for years and years, and it is desirable since it enables for any wax that stays solid and it has a regular color. It is a fact that paraffin wax is really a by-product of oil production, but it’s highly refined, which is in no way a "dirty" product. Many people and groups have claimed that paraffin wax causes cancer, but like mobile phones, no cancer link has have you been proven. Paraffin wax is really safe that it’s even utilized in food applications–such as the chocolate "soda bottles" that you simply bite open to get at the juice inside.

Because some consumers need to make another wax choice, Yankee Candle also provides candle made from a vegetable-wax blend. While these aren’t "soy candle lights," they contain no paraffin wax and therefore are a totally vegetable-based product, including some soy wax. This vegetable wax is commonly softer and messier than paraffin wax, so these kinds candle lights should be handled carefully. The Yankee Aroma therapy Health spa lines are a good example of the sorts of candle lights produced from this different wax.

Whatever the type of wax the candle is made of, customers can be assured that Yankee Candle lights will always be produced from the best, safest ingredients available–in the wax towards the wick. Yankee Candle Company never uses lead wicks, and many wicks are manufactured from 100 % cotton for any neat and even burning experience.

Yankee Candle lights could cost greater than another candle brands, however, in my opinion, you receive that which you purchase. I love the way in which Yankee Candle lights burn and smell greater than every other candle available on the market, and lots of other consumers agree. Yankee Candle provides a 100% money-back guarantee, so you’ve you win if you attempt certainly one of their candle lights to determine the standard on your ownInch.

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What To Do With Leftover Candle Wax – Candle Life Hack


Teresa Overfield: just a thought but an easier way to get leftover wax out of a jar is to fill the jar with nearly boiling water. The wax floats to the top..

Sophie Picton: +Teresa Overfilled hadn't thought of that! Good idea :)

space ghost 666: oh my, nice idea!

Gort Newton: Heat the jar, the wax will melt and then just pour it out. But DO NOT heat it too much.

Kate: Gort Newton can you heat it in the oven.

Miss Blue: I have an electric wax warmer. I've recently realized that if you take the wax dish off and put a spent jar candle on top, it will melt the candle wax. I suppose you could pour it out into the dish at this point. I do it so I can clean out the jar more easily to be reused.

Ali Taeb: wow your accent !!! I just wanna listen to you speak, not even paying attention to what you say but just listen

Halloweenville: I do this all the time, i thought also i was the only one, but just a tip–using a scented tealight in your burner to melt the wax can damage the burner because it burns at a higher temp, i learned this the hard way, when all my burners started cracking.

katie Wyatt: did you use a scented tealight? if so you shouldn't as it gets hotter and melts and wax burn at different levels xxx

Alex S: Love candles just ordered my self a candle oil burner got some Yankee wax tarts to burn on it

casey parlane: I discovered that as well isn't it a good idea

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Ali Taeb: wow your accent !!! I just wanna listen to you speak, not even paying attention to what you say but just listen

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