26 weird museums you will see around the ultimate mixcountry journey

Given the correct quantity of weird, the good thing of a car trip could possibly be the unpredicted roadside attraction on the way for your final destination. But rather of departing that enjoyable detour to chance, think about the options should you made everything Renowned the objective of the trip.

With that, Mashable is definitely the ultimate mix-country journey, featuring not just one, not two, but 26 weird museums, from your entire building dedicated to bananas towards the official Dolly Parton museum.

The path is really as weird because the museums, and would cover almost the whole country from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Or. Even without having time to help make the whole trip (and very few of us do), the itinerary could be separate based on some time and beginning point.

Part 1: Maine to Illinois

The very first leg of the epic weird museum journey covers 2,413 miles. Believed driving time: 39 hrs, 16 minutes.


1. Worldwide Cryptozoology Museum

First stop, the Worldwide Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, focused on documenting "unknown" creatures. The problem, since you may have previously recognized, is the fact that these creatures are unknown.

Giant beaver display

One of the numerous questions you are able to hopefully have clarified in the Worldwide Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

Resourse: http://mashable.com/2014/05/20/26-weird-museums-to-visit-for-the-ultimate-american-road-trip/



Top10Archive: Would you visit any of these museums!?

jim steel: Top10Archive yes

Burgundy Black: And beneath the hair museum, is the missing women's museum.

Top10Archive: +Burgundy Black I was thinking the same thing.. haha xD

ItsMrHathaway: A toilet museum? That place must be the shit.

Noevilea: +MrHathaway Imagine being in court and hearing " Guilty !!! I now condemn you to -PLOP- years in jail ".\nThat just sounds like a real bummer.\nEnough to scare the crap out of anyone.

SpiritBear12: +MrHathaway \nIt's wicked pissah!

Doug whitfield: I've been to the torture museum, it's actually quite interesting

Top10Archive: Do you guys know of any other weird museums? Do you have an idea for a new museum that may not exist yet!?

TechnoHero98: the city museum in st louis mo

This channel: The Mamee (is that how you spell it) Museum in Malacca

Kenshin [Iris Dust] Himura: I have no idea why, but other people's hair is just so icky to me. >< I get this weird "ew" feeling lol.

Andrea Tomassini: +Stitch Is Best "keratin"

Andrea Tomassini: +Stitch Is Best which is the same stuff of which nails are made too, but you find it also in other body parts like the outer layer of skin

Kathy Odom: It would probably be a good idea to keep the Minions away from the banana museum!!!

Snapple Facts: That penis museum is just plain fucked up and the hair one is wierd as hell!!!

steamfans: Children are only half price at the Torture Museum, sorry kids we can't afford Disneyland this year…

кιєяα: The museum Vrolik would've been a nice addition.

Laura Peters: How could you not include the spam museum in Austin MN? Spam is an american icon (well for those of us over 60)! I brought my sons there many years ago; you know to broaden their horizons!

Top10Archive – Aaron: +Laura Peters I'm well under 60, and enjoy me a good fried egg and spam sandwich any day of the week! Yum!