9 from the world’s weirdest museums

While museums focused on Junk e-mail and barbed wire are strange within their specificity, some museums are simply plain bizarre within their subject material. Here are the weirdest museums ever curated.

1. Leila’s Hair Museum


Nowadays, the thought of hair jewellery appears like something that needs to be left to stalkers and serial killers, but throughout the Victorian Times, it had been present with create and put on jewellery produced from hair—especially your hair of family members. Leila’s Hair Museum features a number of hair wreaths and jewellery pieces in the Victorian period and earlier, dating completely to 1680. They can have pieces that contains hair from Queen Victoria, U.S. presidents and Lana Turner.

The dog owner, Leila Cohoon, teaches classes on turning hair into jewellery and artworks. Of 30 known techniques shown within the museum’s collection, she’s mastered 26 and it is working to reverse-engineer the processes during the last four.

2. Icelandic Phallological Museum

You are able to most likely guess what’s hidden behind these doorways, but you’d still most likely be amazed through the extent from the museum, which houses the biggest assortment of penises, male organ parts and male organ-inspired art on the planet, including 280 examples from over 93 animal species. You can even find examples from elves and trolls, but they’re invisible much like all of those other creatures, based on Icelandic folklore. When they presently get one human specimen, it wasn’t correctly removed and preserved, so that they continue to look for a “younger along with a bigger and one.”

If you are wondering precisely how popular a museum such as this may be, it’s really very popular, attracting a large number of visitors annually. It’s even inspired a Canadian documentary known as The Ultimate Member.

3. Giant Shoe Museum

Found in the famous Pike Place Market of San antonio, the enormous Shoe Museum is really a single exhibit wall on the outdoors from the Old San antonio Paperworks store and brings lots of business towards the shop consequently. To determine the museum’s collection, visitors must drop quarters into gold coin boxes then apply through stereoscope viewing slots that reveal views of a number of giant footwear together with a size 37 shoe worn through the world’s tallest man, a genuine clown shoe and also the world’s largest assortment of giant footwear.

4. Washington Blueberry Museum

Ann Mitchell Lovell really loves bananas. Actually, she loves them enough not only to run the Washington Blueberry Museum, featuring almost 4000 products associated with the world’s best-selling fruit, but also to upload photos of her favorite products in the museum online so individuals who can’t reach the location can continue to benefit from the virtual Blueberry Museum.

5. Meguro Parasitological Museum

The only real museum on the planet dedicated solely to parasites, the Meguro Parasitological Museum will be a good way to complete research for your horror film you have been focusing on. The very first floor just shows where different parasites reside in Japan, but when you mind upstairs, the actual horror show starts, featuring examples of parasites such as the world’s longest tapeworm—which measures almost 29 ft long—and photos of individuals and creatures infested with parasites.

6. Roswell UFO Museum

Could it have been a weather balloon or something like that more? As the Roswell UFO Museum just asks that you simply keep a balanced view and get as numerous questions as you possibly can concerning the Roswell incident of 1947, the name should tell you just how the curators have previously composed their brains by what was spotted on the horizon that fateful night.

Exhibits include info on the big event, crop circles, other UFO sightings, Area 51, and abductions. Regardless of your family opinion about UFOs, there isn’t any denying the museum continues to be quite effective: Because it opened up its doorways in 1992, it’s outgrown two different locations, and today occupies a classic cinema.

7. Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

Wikimedia Commons

Hopefully the parasite museum doesn’t cause you to lose your appetite, since the Ramen Museum is just an hour or so away, and also you certainly won’t wish to be considering massively lengthy tapeworms while searching at scrumptious, delicate ramen noodles from a few of the top ramen restaurants in Japan. As you may expect, this really is one tasty tour, because the museum enables you to definitely taste probably the most famous noodles from through the country.

8. Beijing Plain Tap Water Museum

Among the key ingredients you have to make ramen is water, then when you’re completed with weird museums in Japan, perhaps you should mind to China to understand more about plain tap water, particularly a brief history from the first water plant in Beijing. Here one can learn over 300 products to higher understand the 100 year-old good reputation for plain tap water in China. The very best factor relating to this museum is the fact that any one of its consuming fountains can present you with an long lasting souvenir of the trip.

9. Worldwide Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum

Nobody likes getting their vehicle towed away simply because they parked somewhere they shouldn’t, but when you’ve have you been helped out with a tow truck whenever your vehicle has damaged lower in the center of nowhere, you already know precisely how helpful the service could be. For individuals who’ve experienced the second enough to build up desire for towing, a vacation to Chattanooga, Tennessee may be so as so that you can go to the Museum of Towing. Here you can study all there’s to understand about the wealthy good reputation for towing and a few of the industry’s most well-known individuals.

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WEIRDEST Museums In The World!


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