Best weird museums and tours in la « the planet famous kroq

Venice Beach Freakshow

909 Sea Front Walk

Best weird museums and tours in la « the planet famous kroq Egyptian corn

An mid-day stroll lower Los Angeles’ legendary Venice Beach Boardwalk will yield its great amount of street performers, bohemian artists and vagabonds but a vacation to the Venice Beach Freakshow, star of AMC’s Freakshow, will provide awe-inspiring human and animal biological rarities such as the famous two-headed turtle and also the classic bearded lady. Venture outdoors from the conventional and explore the intrinsic beauty and awe from the eclectic cast in Todd Ray’s Venice Beach Freakshow.

The Holyland Exhibition

2215 Lake View Avenue

Explorer Ernest Futterer’s vast and almost unceasing assortment of artifacts, jewellery, and scriptural relics takes visitors on the get a hearty time. Rumored to possess been the actual existence inspiration behind adventure movie hero, Indiana Johnson, Futterer’s La house hosts an exhibit spanning his life’s look for scriptural history through the Middle East. From the now extinct Egyptian corn husk, for an authentic ancient sarcophagus, this exhibit is very a journey.

Best weird museums and tours in la « the planet famous kroq intrinsic beauty

The Museum of Dying

6031 Hollywood Boulevard


The name states everything. This museum isn’t for that average person. If you are a horror fan or perhaps a gore junkie, you’ll certainly dig a dark and spooky self led tour of dying. A gallery of jaw-shedding and eerily graphic crime scene photos, videos and an accumulation of dying and torture paraphernalia are some of the museum’s highlights. There isn’t any effects guru in the helm here, this house of horrors is the real thing.

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Evan and Rachel: That Whimsic Alley place looked so awesome!! 

Christine Kaaloa: Thanks for the share! <3

Ed Agent: +Christine Kaaloa\n Totally dug that place too. Big Harry Potter fan.

Karisa Blake: Nice! I'm dying to get to LA <3 Some of these would be great around Halloween!!!

GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa: +Karisa Blake L.A. is a fun city. You can celebrate Halloween every day there!

Ag K: These all look like very enjoyable but unique spots.  Thanks for the video!

Ag K: BTW- total Harry Potter fan!

GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa: +Ag K\n I am too!

Samuel and Audrey – Travel and Food Videos: Wow!  Is that Toto's grave?  Definitely some quirky museums worth checking out!

GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa: Yes +Samuel & Audrey ! It was definitely one of the fun surprises of that cemetery.

erik manchez: What about the museum of death?????

Ed Agent: I knew L.A. was different with celebs and all but these places are trippy.  I read there was a Death Museum somewhere too. 

Ed Agent: Wow, sounds heavy.

Funny Goats: Ed Agent I went on my birthday and it was amazing … it makes you appreciate life more

superchrisbeatz1: Check out forest lawn in Glendale .ca a lot of famous people their……..The most known celebrity buried their Michael Jackson

GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa: +superchrisbeatz1 I'll have to check that one out! I think there are a few star cemetaries.

superchrisbeatz1: +GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa Mjs tomb is closed to the public but he has a memorial outside the door of the entrance of the mausoleum he's buried in……… Walt Disney grave is open to the public and a bunch of other famous people are buried their.!its a beautiful place and much more upscale than Hollywood forever cemetery !the only bad part a lot celebrities who are buried in the same mausoleum as Michaels is have their graves closed to the public like Elizabeth Taylor and a lot of actors from hollywoods golden age and the cemetery personal do not give you information on some of the celebrities graves so you have to do your research.!

Fleur Castellanos: But technically they're not museums 🙁 I recommend going to museum of death if you really want something weird :)

GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa: +Flawboo Not semantically. Coming from Fine Arts backgrd, I'd recognize them as off the beaten track museums. Of the "museums" I researched, most cost $10+, were 'eh'. I found these spots displaying oddities and collectibles, unique, FREE & a worthwhile jaunt. Honestly, MOD was too dark energy- I withdrew it from this. There's enough sickos/haters in the world (and on YT) & I didn't want to give them any ideas. Also, MOD doesn't allow filming.

Wheelee's Travels: Very cool! Never knew, and I'm from LA. Talk about not being a tourist in your hometown. lol