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The Zeche Hannover, recognized to British loudspeakers simply because the Hanover Coal Mine (Günnigfelder Straße) was the final coal mine to become closed in Bochum, in 1973. It’s been preserved and expertly restored like a heritage site for Bochum’s industrial history.

If you wish to learn more concerning the dirty good reputation for coal, a once-important resource, then your search is over! The Kiddies Colliery is really a fun spot to bring the kids (or even the youthful-at-heart) to discover by pointing out inner workings from the coal mine. Take the hard hat

Chocolate Museum in Perfume, North Rhine-Westphalia

This museum is really a dream become a reality for that chocoholics around the globe! The Schokoladenmusem (Am Schokoladenmuseum 1a) in the Rhine River in Perfume features the fascinating good reputation for chocolate-making where one can learn about how this beloved substance acquired its recognition. The good thing is, following the tour, you are able to sample a number of this scrumptious treat in the Coffee shop or even the Beach Terrace. Yummy!

Germany hosts a few of the world’s most unusual museums – the germany blog location then

German Cook book Museum in Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia

Regardless of whether you love cooking or eating, the German Cook book Museum (Deutsches Kochbuchmuseum, An der Buschmühle 1) in Dortmund will certainly please. There’s an excellent assortment of scrumptious recipes, most thanks to the 1800s German prepare Henriette Davidis.

Additionally, the museum features a fascinating exhibit concerning the role of ladies within this time, and also the evolution of cooking technology with the 1960s. It’s the right spot to whet your appetite to have an authentic German meal.

Giraffe Museum in Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia

We’ve another entry in the town of Dortmund with this particular interesting museum that’s the perfect spot for enthusiasts of those lengthy-necked creatures. This private collection (Wickeder Hellweg 25) is really a strange gathering of the things giraffe — from giraffe-formed sculptures to giraffe-adorned teapots — get this to a 1-of-a-kind museum.

Remember to create a reservation ahead of time.

German Hygiene Museum in Dresden, Lower Saxony

If you are within the mood for any more off-beat location then mind towards the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden (Lingnerplatz 1). You will not see celebrated works of art or famous sculptures here, but you’ll see an intriguing assortment of antique grooming and ophthalmology equipment.

Some products displayed include old dressing tables, razors, powder boxes and wig stands. The ophthalmology exhibit shows some fascinating old examination equipment and antique spectacles.

Museum of Inland Navigation in Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia

Because the site of the inland port, Duisburg may be the natural spot for a Museum of Inland Navigation (Apostelstraße 84). This Duisburg museum was really once an inside pool but was renovated and it is now presented within an Art Nouveau design. The museum offers a concept of the existence of the sailor man. Inside you’ll find model ships in addition to real ones.

Germany hosts a few of the world’s most unusual museums – the germany blog once-important

Don’t disregard the popular features of any visit to this museum! The Oscar Huber, a paddle steamer from 1921, and also the Minden, a bucket dredger from 1882, are generally docked inside a couple of minutes walk from the museum. For those who have your heart focused on visiting these interesting ships, make sure to look into the weather.

In cold and icy conditions, the motorboats are closed towards the public.

Mustard Museum in Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia

This Düsseldorf museum is really a placed you won’t find just anywhere but Germany. Obviously, our country is known for its scrumptious mustard. The Mustard Museum (Berger Straße 29) opened up in 2004 and it has since been offering visitors info on this excellent condiment that’s such a fundamental part of German cuisine.

Take the own bratwurst. -)

Dialogue Museum in Frankfurt, Hesse

For any “slightly different” type of museum experience — one without a penny to determine — mind to the Dialogue Museum in Frankfurt am Primary (Hanauer Landstrasse 139-145). The blind museum provides a pitch-black exhibit by which visitors must depend on their own other senses to “see” them through.

This sensual museum will give you an event you’ll always remember.

Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg

Our last unusual museum raises Hamburg. Miniature Wonderland (Kehrwieder 2-4) features model railways, trains and scenery. It managed to get in to the Guinness Book of World Records for that world’s largest computerized model railway.

This impressive display boasts 250,000 miniature trees, 15,000 m (almost 50,000 foot) of tracks with 15,000 carriages and 5,000 houses and bridges. The entire complex encompasses a place of four,000 square meters (13,000 square ft)!


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