The weirdest museums on the planet

What qualifies a museum as weird? Have a pinch of strange, combine it with morbid, and give a dash of mystery. Many of these museums is one-of-a-kind and call the curious and can make you smiling, shuddering or bewildered. Or, the suggestions above.

Schwarzenegger Museum


Image via Design You Trust

Opening on Arnie’s birthday, This summer 20, 2011, the Schwarzenegger Museum in Thal, Austria may be the only unique on the planet. It’s found in the house where Schwarzenegger spent a lot of his childhood. The exhibition contains many personal artifacts donated through the former bodybuilder, actor and politician themself. From his childhood bed to his workout room towards the motorcycle utilized in The Terminator, visitors obtain a glimpse into his early existence along with the Hollywood memorabilia that exemplifies the top of his fame.

Museo Criminalogico


Image via Wikimedia

And today for any detour lower Creepy Lane. Medieval torture devices, murder weapons, and forensics, my dear! If you are fed up with searching in the crumbling Roman posts in Rome, provide the Museo Criminalogico – a little and morbid, but fascinating museum – a go. At 2 Euros, derive the admission.

The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft


Image via Unusual Places

Apparently Iceland has quite the witchcraft history, which museum lays everything out for you personally. Wish to become invisible? You will find the spell here. Understand what became of witches who have been caught? They’ll demonstrate. A few of the products displayed are replicas, however, many are really the artifacts. Go ahead and take necropants, that are a set of pants produced from your skin of the dead man. Put on them and you will experience best of luck.

National Leprechaun Museum


Image via Leprechaun Museum

The very best a couple of things concerning the Leprechaun Museum in Dublin, Ireland:

1. The storytelling guide, who’ll educate you concerning the origins and folklore all around the leprechaun.

2. Seeing the planet with the leprechaun’s eyes with the oversized furniture. So silly and thus fun.

Museo de Enervantes


Image via Taringa

The Museum of Narcotics, situated in Mexico City, takes visitors deep into Mexico’s war against drug cartels because the 1980s. Featuring costly, hand crafted weapons owned by drug cartels, in addition to impressive ways individuals have attempted to smuggle drugs overseas (inside surfboards and shoe soles), additionally, it serves to educate concerning the ways drugs happen to be used since ancient occasions. The main one catch: it isn’t available to the general public. This museum operates through the Secretary of state for Defence individuals who come here, arrived at train.

Mütter Museum


Image via Mütter Museum

This isn’t your average medical museum. The Mütter Museum, in Philadelphia, holds an accumulation of medical oddities, examples, and wax models. The skull collection, featured within the image above, is exactly what the museum is better noted for, but you’ll also find one of the lady having a horn growing from her brow, the tallest human skeleton displayed, along with a nine-feet-lengthy colon (typically they’re 5 ft lengthy) that contained 40 pounds of feces (typically, usually between 5 to 25 pounds). Yeah, ew. But, fascinating.

Electric Ladyland


Image via Electric Ladyland

Electric Ladyland may be the world’s only museum of fluorescent art. Appropriately situated in Amsterdam, and near the Anne Frank Museum, no drugs is going to be have to trip here. Walk-through exactly what the museum calls "experiential art," then browse the fluorescent minerals display. Experiential and academic. Groovy.

Paris Sewer Museum


Image via Flickr

Knowing much about Parisian history, you already know the sewers are an essential backdrop. (Calling all L’ensemble des Misérables fans!) The sewers of Paris will be in operation because the 13th Century. And, it’s welcomed vacationers for any largest part of the final century too, as well as in motorboats that drifted lower the forest of waste for instance. (I shudder to consider!) However likely to official museum, where one can get the fill from the history, find out about the engineering, and obtain a whiff of, well, sewage.

Gopher Hole Museum


Image via Gopher Hole Museum

On the lighter, otherwise wackier note, we finish using the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington, Canada. Visitors can anticipate seeing 47 diorama displays of taxidermied gophers, examining the mail, kissing, and preaching in the pulpit, to mention a couple of. What exactly is it really about? You never know, however these miniature displays are generally wonderful and cringe-worthy.

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10 WEIRDEST MUSEUMS in the World


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dana: The museum of las "Momias de Guanajuato" located in Mexico is a museum dedicated to the remains/corpses of people who were never identified, who's family don't have the money to pay the rent of the cemetery, forgotten people, or just donations from hospitals etc. For example, there's one corpse of a woman who was accidentally buried alive and another one of an abandoned child. Many people say that the corpses turn their heads when you walk in front of their exhibits and other say it's just hunted but you never know.

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