Unusual museums in croatia let us explore the planet!

Croatia can also be the place to find a few of the craziest and many interesting museums I’ve ever seen. 

If you’re into interesting museums, much like me, here a couple of from the craziest:

Museum of Illusions in Zagreb

museum of illusion with a room full of mirrors

If you would like an hour or so of fun in the heart of Zagreb, here’s your choice!

For just 40 kunas this little museum will entertain you, could make you question your personal eyes, and certainly could make you laugh.

It’s filled with optical illusions, educational games, puzzles and kids (because it is an enjoyable educational museum for children). You can test lots of free puzzle games in the entrance as well as win some discounts just try to resolve them- just remember about all of those other museum (once we did, because we loooove brain teasers).

This museum will certainly place a smile in your face. Remember to create the digital camera!

How to locate the Museum of Illusions in Zagreb:

Adress from the Museum of Illusions in Zagreb: Ilica 72 – Zagreb

Website: Museum of Illusions in Zagreb

Museum of Damaged Relationships in Zagreb

museum of broken relationships in zagreb entrance sign

Loveable, cheesy, memorable, sad, heart-warming, funny, emotional, surprising- this is actually the Museum of Damaged Relationships in Zagreb.

The museum is all about unsuccessful relationships: individuals from all across the globe sent an individual object that advised them of the former relationships. These objects are supported with a description frequently very touching and sad, but you’ll find some pretty funny tales too (if you possess the persistence to see all of the descriptions).

The museum isn’t just about love relationships- you will find rooms focused on parental relationships and unsuccessful friendships also. It’s won Europe’s state-of-the-art museum award this year and you will find still people originating from around the globe to go to it, because it acquired lots of worldwide interest and went viral on social networking.

If you are in Zagreb and even though you don’t consider your hopeless romantic this unusual museum in Croatia it’s a ‘must’.

How to locate the Museum of Damaged Relationships in Zagreb:

Adress from the Museum of Damaged Relationships: Ćirilometodska 2, 10000, Zagreb

Website: Museum of Damaged Relationships

Look&Poke Computer Museum in Rijeka

computer musueum in rijeka with old computers and games

It’s for the inner geek.

Even though you think it’s not necessary one, believe me, after visiting this museum, you’ll become instantly a geek.

The Look&Poke Computer Museum in Rijeka is an accumulation of your childhood: countless old computers (they’re working!), calculators, technical objects, the annoying seem of the 56K modem connecting, that old Home windows startup song, and also the awful music of game titles (that will transform you right into a child incidentally).

You are able to uncover lost forgotten or rare computers, and the majority of the objects can touch and focus on.

I must admit, I loved this museum in Croatia.

Five words: we performed Mario Kart.

And also at the doorway, we’ve got a totally free drink! No question it had been  fun to explore the museum.

How to locate the Look&Poke Museum in Rijeka:

Adress from the Look&Poke Museum in Rijeka: Ul. Ivana Grohovca 2A, 51000, Rijeka, Croatia

Website: Look&Poke Museum in Rijeka

Froggyland in Split

Otherwise this could happen: you sitting close to the hearth and telling your grand kids in regards to a miniature circus made from stuffed frogs. The appearance on their own faces: priceless.

To become fair, everyone’s look is going to be priceless after letting them know in regards to a museum of stuffed frogs in Split.

I understand, I understand, it may sound gross and cruel and bizarre– but let’s be honest, we like searching at these types of things.

Even though you’re frowning upon the concept, I’ll let you know about it: it’s a assortment of 507 stuffed frogs arranged in 21 cases through the Hungarian taxidermist Mére Ferenc. He completed the work in 1920 after ten years of effort.

I do believe it had been effort, because the cases come in such detail, that you simply truly need passion and devotion to get this done: there’s classroom filled with frogs, each frog relaxing in another position, or taking notes, frogs within the circus, frogs as blacksmiths, frogs getting an open-air picnic, frogs taking photos with small cameras and so forth.

It is also a presentation from the early 20th century’s everyday existence- however with frogs. Even though it was forbidden to consider pictures within the museum, you should check the frogs below online:

How to locate Froggyland in Split:

Adress of Froggyland in Split: Ul. kralja Tomislava 5, 21000, Split, Croatia

Website: Froggyland in Split

Technical Museum in Zagreb

This museum is really enjoyable should you visit it together with your kids.  OR together with your boyfriend who turns into a kid just he sees all of the engines and technical stuff.

Basically we spent greater than 2 hrs within this museum and I needed to pretend to hear an exhibition about how exactly a steam engine locomotive works, I truly loved it! It’s really huge which is a perfect museum to go to with children.

We even returned for any presentation about Nicola Tesla which incorporated some really awesome experiments: a rotating magnetic field, Tesla’s high-frequency transformers, the wireless change in electromagnetic oscillations, an online-controlled ship, Tesla’s turbine (I needed to Google these).

The presentation is at Croatian (although everyone within the room was an British speaker), however the experiments were enjoyable and different.

There’s additionally a led tour to some reconstructed coal mine beneath the museum.

How to locate the Technical Museum in Zagreb:

Adress from the Technical Museum in Zagreb: Savska cesta 18, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Website: Technical Museum in Zagreb

Resourse: http://getlostintheworld.internet/unusual-museums-in-croatia/

Strange Places Found in Croatia


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