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This museum is situated in Brooklyn and Somerville, Massachusetts. In a nutshell, it represents collection, display and celebration of bad art in each and every form. Its mission would be to portray the worst works within the history.

Museum of Bad Art: Keys to the Kingdom, et al

2. Mütter Museum

Mütter Museum is situated in Philadelphia. It’s medical museum filled with medical abnormality, wax models and antique equipment.

Death Salon: Mütter Museum

Mütter Museum

Mütter Museum

3. Sulabh Museum

That’s an worldwide museum of toilets, situated in New Delhi in India. Should you ever desired to find out how toilets evolved, there you will find the entire their history during the last 4,five centuries.




4. Museum of damaged relationships

This museum is situated in Zagreb and it is focused on unsuccessful relationships. It has personal products left by former enthusiasts, supported by brief descriptions.

Museum of Broken Relationships

Museum of Broken Relationships

Museum of Broken Relationships

5. Katten Kabinet

This museum is founded in 1990 in Amsterdam by William Meyer, in memory of his cat Tom. It’s a temple from the cats, filled with pictures and sculptures.