About neocolor ii wax crayons

Neocolors are intensely saturated wax crayons you can use to include depth to art journal pages, edge images making marks. These Swiss-made crayons are simply divine.

There’s two types. I personally use mainly the Caran D’Ache Neo II, so this is the focus of the guide!

Neocolor I. Water-resistant, not water-soluble. 60 colors.
Neocolor II. Water-soluble. 84 colors.

About neocolor ii wax crayons Water-resistant, not water-soluble

Neocolors are among my go-to art materials for art journaling. They’re versatile and also the colors are lavish and saturated. There is a buttery smooth texture. Bear in mind that you can’t write on them unless of course used like watercolor, dissolved with lots of pens simply because they gunk in the nib or get wax around the fiber tip.

Having a thousand colors, the number of do you want? This will depend the way you plan for their services, but my suggestion would be to make it simple. A little group of 10-15 could be more than enough for art journaling. Obtain the colors that you want and you will rely on them! I have come up with notes on colors at the end of the guide. These notes were created while using color assortment available at the outset of 2015. In those days, there have been 128 colors, now 84, so some happen to be stopped. [Note: You will find hands-attracted color charts for that 126 on these pages at wet canvas: one + two + three.]

About neocolor ii wax crayons not water

Begin with a fast video of Neocolors for action when i create this grungy rainbow mandala.

Resourse: https://daisyyellowart.com/vividlife/

Caran d' Ache Neocolor II Artists' Crayons


muskndusk: If only I could find more vids where watercolour crayons are used to draw/paint things rather than the multitude of videos in which swatches are made and tested.

Patricia Schoenberg: I too would like more videos with watercolor crayons!

Deborah Anne: Do they have an odour like oil pastels?

Blick Art Materials: +Deoborah Anne No, these are more wax based and if anything smell more like a traditional crayon than an oil pastel.

Annie Wai: Blick Art Materials y

Dawn Romero: Please also inform us neophytes whether and how fugitive many of these colors are.

Blick Art Materials: +Dawn Romero  Thank you for the suggestion.  We will look into adding this information to our website.

Martyrd ForJesus: Boy, lookit that apple she did! It's so realistic you could almost reach out, grab it and eat it! ;)

elizelo zelo: I had this crayon for almost 4 years but idk how to use it.. Ure helping me so much, thankyou��

FiberDesignsbyAnn: I love this product. I use them on fabric, with and without water, and heat set them. Fantastic to work with!

Ann Scott: I love this product. I use them on fabric and heat set them. They are fantastic to work with!

Fredz Ladignon: Is this suitable for 100 gsm papers?

Mr960silva: Is my favorite brand, I used only this, on Canson paper 200 gr. for paint my watercolours.

KingVegeta7: will these crayons work on a stretched canvas?

Blick Art Materials: The artist in the video is using a sanded paper in this example (Colourfix) though you should be able to get some similar results. Make sure you are applying enough of the crayon to the paper before blending. I hope that helps.

furrykef: I try using a tortillon with Neocolor II crayons and I don't get results anything like the blending example in the video. Is it my paper? I'm using 65lb smooth vellum Bristol cardstock (not really the best paper to use for anything with watercolor, but it's what I have).