Crayon art how you can scratch art with wax crayons

Crayon art is really a childhood favorite for many kids.  Here is a superb craft for children that utilizes wax crayons and poster paint.

We at Kids Activities Blog hope your children enjoy learning how you can scratch art and making some unique colorful creations.

 How you can Scratch Art with Wax Crayons

Crayon Art

Certainly one of my personal favorite childhood art activities was crayon art, particularly crayon scratch art. I loved creating these beautiful pictures using their vibrant rainbow colors. The vibrant colors just appear to pop so brilliantly from the dark black background. I simply understood this is a success with my boy therefore we tried it out.

Scratch art for children

Wax Crayons

Start by coloring an empty page with crayons. Cover the whole page out on another leave any white-colored paper showing. Vibrant colors perform best – you would like colors which will stick out from the black paint that’ll be applied within the next step.

How you can Scratch Art with Wax Crayons

Crayon Wax Art

My boy is four and that he scribbled vibrant colors over the page which labored all right. Older kids however, can create blocks of color for example within the photo above. Blocks of color can create a much more beautiful effect for that final picture.

Crayon Art: Kids can learn how to scratch art with wax crayons and poster paint

How You Can Scratch Art

Next, make use of a large brush to color black poster within the entire picture. When I did previously do that growing up, I’d cover the whole picture with black crayon which labored great too. In case your kids haven’t carried this out before, they could find it pretty funny to become painting over their artwork such as this, but they’ll be delighted at the next phase.

Easy Crayon Art: How to Scratch Art

Once the black paint has dried completely, start scratching! We used a bamboo skewer. A pop-sicle stick, chopstick or empty ball point pen would work. The secret is to locate something sharp enough to scratch away the paint, but safe enough for children to make use of. A lot of fun effects could be produced, and also the rainbow that’s revealed because the paint is scratched away is simply so beautiful. I believe why is this activity a lot fun may be the component of surprise. You simply don’t know quite the way the picture will come out before you start scratching away and reveal the surprise underneath!

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Colourful Scratch Art (Book 5/ Page 11)


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