Wax paper crayon art


Should you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me publish relating to this fun activity about last month.  When I had been a child my Mother always had a good time activites planned to stay busy, this Wax Paper Crayon Art is a which i still remember doing together with her – I loved it.  So I had been so pleased when each of my boys loved it around Used to do.


– wax paper

– crayons (Crayola perform best for melting, but you can test any brand)

– small handheld pencil sharpeners

– iron & old towel

– brown kraft paper (dollar store) or paper grocery bags


Prep your crayons by removing all wrappers in advance.  The easiest method of doing this really is by slicing each wrapper having a razor knife (this can be a parents only activity) or xacto knife, then taking out the paper. I sorted the crayons directly into small bowls or cups by color.

Sorting them isn’t necessary however it certainly chose to make this girl happy.


Give each child a sheet of wax paper 24″ lengthy, fold it in two and crease it.  Then open it up up and lay it flat on the sheet of brown kraft paper.

While using handheld pencil knife sharpener create crayon shavings onto half from the wax paper. I suggest keep your color combinations restricted to 4-5 max, this prevents it all turning brown essentially. You’ll need sufficient shavings to semi-cover the wax paper, it need not be 100% covered.




Once it’s enough shavings fold sleep issues from the wax paper over on the top from the shavings.  You can fold total outdoors edges to contain all of the shavings if you would like. Carefully put the entire factor on the sheet of brown kraft paper onto a classic towel you do not worry about, that old towel would be to safeguard your surface from melted wax.  Place another bit of brown kraft paper over the top wax paper.

Set your iron on the really low setting, the cheapest you ought to be perfect.  This next thing is for parents or very responsible older kids.

Iron gently over top the brown kraft paper, checking following a couple of passes to find out if your shavings have melted.  If not go more than a couple more occasions gently.  Set aside and let awesome.

Once all of the art is cooled you are able to perform a couple things by using it:

You are able to reduce your stained glass into shapes and string your art for hanging having a needle and thread, or glue onto yarn – bakers twine.  I happened to utilize a machine, which I don’t recommend because it was very hard to clean later on.  (oops!)  I hung my strands on the colored a dowel fishing rod and hung with a few jute twine.

You might just trim your edges around the wax paper to produce clean edges.  Create frames from cardstock or construction paper and frame your artwork.  Hang the artwork on the window for any fun stained glass effect.  It could be fun to allow the children enjoy one anothers work like these were carrying out a museum walk, they are able to admire the job and compliment one another on colors and patterns.



I think you’ll and also the kids love this particular project around we did.  Wax-Paper-Crayon-Art

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