5 gottaknow wax application tips within my garage

Griot’s Garage has collected some good vehicle care tips and methods during the last 21 years. We learned a couple of things while developing our new Premium Carnauba Paste Wax which will certainly assist you to convey more fun inside your garage! And fun is exactly what it’s about, right? Here you go… the very best five, gotta-know wax application tips.

Everyone loves a brand new coat of wax the graceful surface, deep gloss, and ultra-clean paint send petrolheads right into a spin of auto-euphoric bliss. Even at nighttime of wintertime, wax gives your vehicle much-needed glisten of cleanliness. You realize the sensation following a fresh wax that extra glance back and satisfied smile before you decide to lock the doorways and leave. It’s possible to help make the wax process much more enjoyable. Here’s how…

1) It’s All Within The Prep

A properly-prepared surface is the only method to begin any waxing project. Good preparation improves adhesion, accelerates the procedure, and ensures maximum clearness and shine. There’s a couple of different amounts of prep, with respect to the vehicle you’re focusing on and just what your objectives are.Griot' /></p>

<p>If you were utilizing a different make of wax, when the vehicle is totally new for you, or perhaps if it is been a few years since you’ve “started fresh”, finish your wash process with Paint Prep (info  video). The product strips old waxes and sealants in the paint, so everything you need to do goes directly on the paint no old buildup or inferior products getting in the manner.</p>

<p><img style=Next thing is Paint Cleaning Clay (info video), and do this when you polish or wax your vehicle. For individuals that do not know and have not used at all clay before, it removes embedded contaminants that keep to the paint out on another appear together with your normal wash. It prevents that buildup from being sealed in (which reduces shine) or worse, from accumulating inside your pad and creating swirl marks while you polish or wax.

Next stop is Pre-Wax Cleanser (info video). I won’t go to date regarding refer to this as “essential” like claying, but man I really like the product. Pre-Wax Cleanser dissolves polish residue and leftover Speed Shine you will probably have missed prior within the detail, then evaporates departing a bare surface that begs for wax. This really is always a part of my final wipe lower before you apply wax.Professional Masking Tape

Last stop prior to the wax hits the paint is masking. This can be a must. While you will find remedies should you skip this task, being positive and taping your trim could save you some time and headaches over time. It enables you to definitely wax up to the advantage and prevents the inevitable “oops moments” which happen even going to the very best of us. Griot’s Garage Professional Masking Tape (info video) is a superb choice here.

2) Thinner Is Much Better

We’ve spoken relating to this before, however it bears repeating. Probably the most common errors in wax application is utilizing an excessive amount of product (yup, we sell the stuff but still tell you to employ less). Over-application results in product waste and hard removal. A skinny application will really bond towards the paint and cure better (since “extra wax” on the top inhibits curing). Use a percentage and burnish before you can barely view it. A structured mix-hatch approach to application can help you keep an eye on what’s been waxed.

3) Layer Up

While a thinner coat is much better, that does not mean you cannot apply multiple jackets to improve the depth of shine and gloss. There’s a couple routes you are able to go with regards to layering your wax. The greater common method is to use a skinny coat, let it cure, buff from the excess, repeat. (Bonuses for waiting each day between jackets, because the wax will harden a little more, permitting better layering). However, to chop lower on application time, skip the buffing and use a second (thin) coat right over the top cured first coat. Then, allow that coat for stopping before buffing (this is actually the method we cover within the video for the best of Show Wax).

4) The Final Factor To The Touch Your Paint

It’s very easy to miss the significance of the towel you utilize to buff wax. A classic t-shirt, an infant’s diaper, or perhaps filthy micro fiber towels are the popular “no-no’s” I hear and see about. We’ve spent enough time speaking about the significance of micro fiber and providing you approaches for proper use. I’ll simply take a fast second to help remind you to employ the best towel and try to ensure that it stays clean. Spent considerable time perfecting the paint as much as that final wipe lower, so always double-check to make certain you grab a towel that’s gentle and efficient.

5) Wax Removal Tips

Over-application, allowing wax to dry too lengthy, as well as other unforeseen or accidental issues could make buffing difficult at occasions. Listed here are a few strategies for buffing our very best of Show Wax and Premium Carnauba Paste Wax should you encounter tough removal.

For The Best of Show Wax (generally over-applied), a fast mist of Spray-On Wax to the dried wax can make buffing almost easy. Read this video to determine it for action.

Our Premium Carnauba Paste Wax cures pretty quick, if you let it dry too lengthy, it’ll take a little bit of hard work to get rid of. However, having a quick use of some fresh Premium Carnauba Paste Wax right outrageous right before buffing, you will be to the enjoyment.

There-you have ’em… the very best five, gotta-know wax application tips! We’re always gaining knowledge from our customers. Would you have  tips of your? Please share them within the comments, and…

To take pleasure from your garage!

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