6 simple steps for buffing and waxing your vehicle this news wheel

If you are much like me, you most likely got compound all around the home windows and vinyl surfaces in the spinning buffing pads. That’s okay, because you ought to be cleaning them anyways. I love to use Meguiar’s 40 Vinyl & Rubber Compound sprayed on the microfiber towel to the touch up all of the black plastic trim, door jambs, and weather strip protection. It is also ideal for vinyl dashboards, too. I personally use the product since it does not have any silicates inside it products with silicates will dry up plastic and damage paint with time. Clean the home windows with a few glass cleaner sprayed on the microfiber cloth.

Finally, pull-up a seat, crack open a beer, and admire your projects. If you wish to ensure that it stays searching this good as lengthy as you possibly can, avoid mechanical vehicle washes. Just use touchless vehicle washes or spray it lower yourself. Mechanical vehicle washes will strip the wax quickly your paint in just two or three visits.

Buffing and waxing your vehicle isn’t all you are able do with your personal two hands. Take a look at a lot of our other vehicle cleaning and maintenance how-tos at This News Wheel.



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