How you can polish your vehicle just like a pro feature vehicle and driver


Clay Bar

Griot’s Garage Paint Clay & Speed Shine Package, $39.99



DeWalt Variable-Speed Polisher, $160–$243

DeWalt Right-Position Orbital Sander, $152–$241


For Buffing Light Colors and Much deeper Scratches:

Meguiar’s SoftBuff Cutting Pad

$13.99 (seven-inch size)

Moms Professional Machine Glaze, $29.02 (32 oz.) or

Meguiar’s Ultra-Cut Compound, $32.99 (32 oz.) or

Griot’s Garage Machine Polish 2, $12.99 (16 oz.)


For Buffing Dark Colors and Lighter Blemishes:

Meguiar’s SoftBuff Finishing Pad

$13.99 (seven-inch size)

Moms Professional Foam Pad Polish, $36.89 (32 oz.) or

Meguiar’s Ultra Finishing Polish, $37.49 (32 oz.) or

Griot’s Garage Machine Polish 4, $16.99 (16 oz.)


For Waxing:

Griot’s Garage Foam Wax Pad

$12.99 (six-inch size)

Moms California Gold Carnauba Wax, $10.99 (16 oz.) or

Meguiar’s Hi-Tech Yellow Wax, $13.99 (16 oz.) or

Griot’s Garage Better of Show Wax, $11.99 (8 oz.)


CNET On Cars – How To: Tips for detailing your car


antiignorant: "That leather will come back to life" Mooo

Kayle John: I have a car

s k: I don't always leave a like on a comment, but when I do I make sure people know it

Matt Perez: I literally had to turn this off. He touched the tip of the water hose to the hood of the car.. He doesn't give a crap about the tire dressing and he just poured leather conditioner onto/into perforated leather….

KumarHD: as car guys everything is important. Including how you wash you car (straight lines, less likely of scratching your car)

Lewis Cain: it wasn't even tyre dressing it was an interior detailing spray.

Ricardo Lourizela: People, just watch Larry's videos on the AMMO NYC channel. Seriously, this guy is an amateur that doesn't know what he's doing…

Kayle John: I mean the seat was clean not metaly��

Karol Bała: Ricardo Lourizela well no shit. Cnet on cars is a general car show. AMMO NYC is for the perfectionist enthusiast who wants the best for whatever vehicle while this is for someone who wants to spend the afternoon cleaning their KIA. Different market.

lamm061: i dont even have a car

lamm061: I have one now, lol.

Kayle John: lamm061 yay��

J C: Who would've thought there were so many car detailing snobs in the world. This video is just to get the everyday driver to look clean. Sorry, some of us have careers and can't spend all day polishing that Honda civic turd you call a race car.

Kayle John: J C I like this vid ������ how about you��������

Hitmen From Hell: LMFAOOOOOO

DankFrogz: "The motorcycle guys turned me on"

William Goss: +J.R. Smith haha yeah I was thinking the exact same thing

Kayle John: Haha thanks your awesome

ibo vtec: This guy is a old school smart American.i like this guy.

Kayle John: ibo vtec I'm from vincent��������������