How you can wax a vehicle in ten minutes flat! flitz premium polishes

After I walk through the vehicle wax within the store I instantly flash to The Karate Kid and Mr. Miyagi teaching his pupil the toilsome routine of waxing a vehicle. Everybody wants to preserve our beloved cars in the elements, but nobody wants down the sink hrs waxing them. Here’s the best way to wax your car just like a Kung Foo Master in ten minutes or fewer.

What’s Vehicle Wax?

I needed to begin with a short education on auto wax or vehicle wax since it’s most generally known as. When you are back in its history you’d refer to this as stuff “coach wax” as horse attracted coach builders in Europe would take different types of animal fat and rub it on their own coaches to preserve them in the elements. Go forward so we see “coaches” have hp, but different kind. And thankfully wax technologies are significantly different. Nobody I understand still rubs animal fat on their own cars. What we should do placed on our cars is generally among the following things:

  • Natural Wax, typically Brazilian Carnauba
  • Synthetic Wax, typically a combination polymers and acrylic resins

About natural wax: the most popular knowledge about Brazilian Carnauba wax could it be gives your vehicle the greatest, wealthiest shine, truly it’s really a discomfort to use…unless you’re Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid. About synthetic wax: for that Synthetic waxes available you receive something simpler to make use of and you receive a good protective coat, however, many people have the shine isn’t just like like a natural wax. Some synthetic polymer waxes may even collect in swirls and highlight flaws inside your vehicle paint. This isn’t what you would like a wax to complete. Another complaint with vehicle wax is the fact that chalky white-colored residue it leaves in your black plastics. This appears to happen with natural and synthetics waxes.

What’s Special About Flitz Auto Wax?

With how big the car industry and all sorts of options of natural and artificial wax available on the market it can be hard to determine things to use.

How you can wax a vehicle in ten minutes flat! flitz premium polishes be gives

What sets us apart?

Our vehicle wax is really a natural wax. We managed to get from a Brazilian Carnauba because we would have liked the wealthiest, greatest, most basic shine you can get. The truly amazing factor about this is it’s inside a liquid form. What this means is it’s quick and easy to make use of. This is why it is called “Speed Waxx”. Unlike most waxes our wax wont leave white-colored chalky residue in your black plastics. You are able to spray and go with no reservations. Also our wax formula is swirl and streak free. So that you can expect the very best shine and protection any time you wax your vehicle.

How you can Wax Just like a Kung Foo Master

First, completely wash your vehicle all the way through.

Second, restore any oxidized paint and take away any scratches out of your obvious coat. That you can do these two things with this vehicle polish.

Third, buy some Flitz Speed Waxx and obtain spraying. What you’ll wish to accomplish is spray after which wipe your vehicle in sections. Begin with the leading from the vehicle and come round the vehicle. The easiest method to section your vehicle can be you. I approach the hood, then towards the driver’s side door, and then move about the vehicle before you finish with the top vehicle. Another useful tip: don’t wax your vehicle when it’s cold or hot. This can negatively affect the use of the wax in your vehicle. Lastly, we advise utilizing a microfiber cloth to wipe the wax off. You shouldn’t damage the paint you’re attempting to safeguard. Time yourself and comment below…tell us how lengthy it requires you to definitely wax your vehicle.

What Customers Say About our “Speed Waxx”

Still not really a believer?

Each year we sell Lots of vehicle polish and vehicle wax to individuals for his or her economy cars, show cars and street rods. Diane and Steve Hirte from Minnesota are a few of our die-hard Flitz Speed Waxx customers. They apply it to their beautiful red 1957 Fairlane 500 (seen below).

Here’s what they’d to say of our Flitz Speed Waxx…

“This product works wonderful. The more you utilize it the greater the vehicle shine will get. This vehicle looks so great it places for the most part vehicle shows. We’ve given bottles of wax to buddies and family for gifts. Our friend tried on the extender on his 1956 Chevrolet and also the vehicle never looked so great. He loved the wax very well he waxed everything he’d together with a lawn tracker.”

-Steve and Diana Hirte of Minnesota


Stop waxing just like a turtle. Take a look at our Speed Waxx and begin waxing just like a Kung Foo master! We would like your stuff to shine! That is why we all do what we should do. For those who have questions or tips on the way we will help you please comment below. An enormous because of Steve and Diane Hirte for discussing their story and photographs around.


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