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How you can wax your vehicle the paint for just[00:00:00] Waxing your vehicle on Sunday mid-day is essential towards the protection of the paint. But how can we get it done correctly for the greatest bang for the time? We are gonna discuss a couple of things you should know before waxing your vehicle. That’s approaching today about this episode of Details. I’m Ray Kosilla and I am an expert detailer. Along with Autoblog, we are allowing the ultimate assortment of quick vehicle care videos. This really is Autoblog Details.

[00:00:30] Listed here are the products you will need with this task. First, make certain your paint is free and clean of contaminants. This might need you to wash and dry your automobile in advance. Getting dust or dirt in your vehicle while waxing may cause fine scratches within the paint while you wipe the wax over the surface. Later on, lightly have the paint for just about any bumps or rough spots baked into your obvious coat. If these contaminants can be found, you will need to clay your paint using clay lube or vehicle-wash soap

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How you can wax your vehicle am Ray[00:01:00] like a lubricant for that decontaminating clay process. Take a look at our clay how-to videos for more information. Make sure the paint is awesome to touch and from sunlight. Then, apply sealant towards the foam pad and spread it in evenly. Apply sealant in straight lines utilizing a foam applicator pad. Sealants typically traverses carnauba waxes and really should be used just before using any carnauba. Put it on a couple of panels at any given time.

[00:01:30] After a couple of minutes, take away the cured sealant having a clean, dry microfiber towel. Continue doing this process around the remaining colored panels while staying away from emblems, glass, black trim, or rubber molding. Make sure to re-fold your microfiber towel to a different side, because it becomes filled with dried sealant. Once every colored surface continues to be sealed and buffed having a microfiber towel, rapidly inspect the emblems, door seams, keyholes, and trim for just about any remaining sealant. If there are any, make use of a spray wax or quick detailer plus a small horsehair brush

[00:02:00] to agitate the leftover sealant from the crevice. For added shine, I usually allow my sealant for stopping for any least 3 to 4 hrs, after which give a very thin, light layer of carnauba wax on the top from the sealant for amazing depth and shine. Repeat exactly the same steps for taking out the carnauba wax having a clean microfiber towel and you are all set to go for any drive. With the addition of layers of both sealant and carnauba wax, you accomplish the best objective of protection and shine

[00:02:30] which will be the envy of the neighbors. For additional how-to vehicle care videos, visit I am Ray Kosilla from See ya the next time. [00:02:40]