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Thoroughly Vehicle Care is easily the most advanced vehicle detailing & hands washing service around the Eastern Shore.

Let’s offer our professional understanding and expertise to create that new vehicle shine and feel to your car.

  • Mobile Units available
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So if you’re searching to handle a truly professional detail company, turn to Thoroughly Vehicle Care. We always shoot for perfection and professionalism. Our detailers happen to be professionally educated to make use of the newest technology with very couple of chemicals and our motto is “If it’s not clean – it’s dirty.” Should you follow our tips about services required to revive your automobile to the showroom condition we are able to then guarantee your satisfaction.

As it pertains lower to cost please compare apples to apples, Thoroughly Vehicle Care provides you with more value for your money using the professional result you deserve. That’s the reason we’ve come up with different packages at different cost levels which means you the client can start to safeguard your greatest investments. Not just your greatest investments but additionally one it will cost most your time and effort in. We know both modern and old-fashioned paints, we know interior surfaces, carpets, leather and also the mechanics of a good and talent based detailing. We’ve probably the most advance equipment readily available for the to supply the customer the very best vehicle detailing experience available, which provides you with lasting results.

All Work Guaranteed. Est. 1981


Tips on How to Wash Your Car – Meguiar's Car Care Series Step 1 of 5


The Andy: Washing a clean car…

tkm007: people, please don't follow this video. This is the wrong way to wash, just causing more scratches….smh

oldskool: How not to wash and dry a car

oldskool: +TheMidnightNarwhal straight lines when washing. If any dirt is trapped in the mitt it wont cause as much damage as washing the car in circles will. When drying always pat the car dry

TheMidnightNarwhal: +manicbassa Yeah, true, circle scratches are harder to get out than line scratches.

Kurt Karasch: You shouldn't do the swirl motions. Side to side and then flip over your mitt. You shouldn't go over the surface more than twice. Also be careful in the drying process as well. 

joner800: nothing sexy about watching videos about how to wash your car.  i used to detail cars for a living and thought i knew everything about it.  i follow most of the steps described here, but not all.  i will actually incorporate the couple extra steps.\n\nthanks for posting guys, great idea to put this series up!

Wout Taffijn: Don't do the swirly motion man while washing the car man!

Sirusdark: Although some of the techniques are outdated, I now know what what that "FLOOD" pattern of my Multi-Pattern Nozzle may be for!! Thanks!

John Cole: Dry with leaf blower

Beautilashful By Lisa Foster: Sorry it's just like not very good because I'm in England and America and it's not going to workout because I can't understand what you're saying sorry I think a really nice time and be very good as a friend but I can't understand what you're saying but I still liked it because I don't want to be horrible and I will subscribe

airupthur ML23: You dont foam it down first??

lol wut: +airupthur ML23 This video was made before foam guns were around.

Daniel Hadidi: Is it OK to use a bucket of water and dump it over the car in the rinse step? I do not have access to a hose.

Mario: +Daniel Hadidi yes, if it is clean water.

cell pat: thank you.

cell pat: part 1 of 5: where are the other 4 parts?

Autobytel: +cell pat here is the rest of the playlist

RyomaSJibenG: +Autobytel step 2 is missing

DetailXPerts: Steam has been known to effectively clean cars without harming the environment. It is easier because there is less waste water produced. If anyone need a detailing or want to franchise we can help. Our steam auto detailing franchise business model is highly flexible. You can run it as a mobile operation and operate out of high traffic areas. Please check our channel or you can visit our website for more info.