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Regular waxing is a vital part of keeping the vehicle searching great, but all vehicle waxes aren’t produced equal. Understanding the best wax for the application and identifying a few of the stand-out products available on the market will help you pick the wax which will maintain and safeguard your vehicle’s glossy exterior.

Ratings and reviews for Vehicle Wax

Vehicle wax is exactly what it states, an ingredient that’s put on your vehicle, usually left to dry and applied to "wax" your vehicle and provide it an elegant shine. There are lots of vehicle waxes currently available even though most are manufactured from the Carnauba Palm tree with carnauba wax, some can contain synthetic substances too.

Regardless of whether you select a liquid or paste wax may rely on your individual preference. You will find great products both in forms.

Suggested Liquid Waxes

Many professional detailers prefer liquid wax. "They’re synthetic," states professional detailer Thomas Martinez, "but they’re easily applied and may provide an effect rapidly."

Essentially, detailers like the liquid to complete the job faster and switch a greater profit every day. One potential drawback to liquid waxes is the fact that many liquid waxes don’t last as lengthy as paste versions.

There are many liquid wax products available on the market, a few of which have obtained great ratings from consumers and professionals:


My Top 12 Best Car Waxes Reviewed


Tomato Industries Detailing: Good review mate…I've only used 4 of these products so I will comment on those. I'm a big fan of OSW for fast application, use on multiple surfaces and ease of removal. Can be applied in direct sunlight, wet/dry surfaces and has high gloss content. It's a great product for low budget jobs. Collinite 476 was one of the first paste waxes I tried but found you have to RUB in to get temp up. Never noticed marring but I let it dry too long once and paid price. It is one of the sweat waxes cause you get a sweat up applying it and has impressive durability. On the other hand Finish Kare HTW is like applying butter and is not a sweat wax. I love it, the ease of application is best on ground. Also good for metals and top coat against aussie sun. This is my next level in terms of when customers pay more for protection than a spray wax. I use Fusso a fair bit, which I love for it's durability. I do find hard to apply compared to HTW. I may be the only person in the world who feels there is an art to using this stuff. With the amount PETE and silicon it kicks all comers in hydrophobicity and durability but the payback is careful application is needed and thin coating a necessity. For me the chemicals that make it so durable make it tricky to apply and is my top level paint protection and I charge accordingly. Fusso also can be a little crumbly when applying meaning more cleanup. I believe Fusso application is like applying a coating where I have to be mindful of high spots and make sure I smooth these out before moving on. It's also a sweat wax and once it's on and cured good luck getting it off. This and Collinite are the 2 waxes you have to buff before they dry or the polisher has to come out. The biggest draw back with Fusso is once applied you CANNOT rest anything on your bonnet or roof anymore as it just slides off so for me it also takes slickness award. I was told that some people before clear coats came out and cars were made of steel would wash car and wipe kero on to protect paint and metals. We've come along way since then. After watching all your reviews what I am most impressed with is the amount of products you have accumulated over the years. I imagine your garage is the size of the MCG!!!

Car Craft Auto Detailing: I love how you have categorised you waxes into sweat and non sweat applications! \nI think ease of use is the main reason I'm a bit more partial to HTW over Fusso. But it sounds like you got the Fusso's application down pat! \nI'm too old and unfit to deal with 476, so I'll leave it to the younger guys, or those who have a bit more physical drive! \nSome people by cloths, collect coins or drink and gamble … I collect detailing products … which I tell my partner she should be thankful for!

Colin Arnett: excellent presentation (as are all your videos) keep up the great work! Good to see the sound editing has improved also

Car Craft Auto Detailing: Thanks Colin, the constructive feedback is a great help!

GeorgeDaymondLush: Can you use P21 over Fusso (if you get time to answer I'd be grateful)?

GeorgeDaymondLush: Just saw that you were in Byron Bay – many happy holidays spent there

Car Craft Auto Detailing: I've been to Byron Bay … but I was born and bred in Melbourne … you may be mistaken me with a fellow detailer Tony Tomato, who live and works there��

shameer kammadam: kindly do a review of items like iron x , iron remover and tar removers. etc… how effective it is … thanks in advance dear sandre !

Car Craft Auto Detailing: I might do an iron removal and decontamination video in the future. But check out my 'Wheel and Tyre Cleaning' video. All the iron and tar removal chemicals there can also be used on paint for removing contaminates.

Ilvars U: How do You prepare surface before applying sealant (wax)? Do You do IPA wipe down after polishing step?

Ilvars U: What IPA dilution do You use?

Car Craft Auto Detailing: I use to get 100% proof IPA and mix it 1:2 with distilled water, so at about a 30% concentration. But the first time I tried Carpro Eraser, I made the switch. It actually cost the same, as 100% IPA is really expensive here, and Eraser doesn't evaporate as quickly, and I think it works a bit better.

Chemical Guys Spanish: Butter Wet Wax?

Car Craft Auto Detailing: +Chemical Guys Spanish lol yes that could be a winner!

Robbie H: Collinite 915 Marque d'Elegance. It's tricky to apply but not like the 476. It has the deepest luster, absolutely wet look to it of all the Collinite line. It does not last as long as the 476, but is a bit more durable than the liquid insulator wax. Give it a try. It works extremely well on darker paints, but on lighter finishes I would stick with the 476.

Marvin Harrison Smith II: Agree on the Marque De Elegance. It's my favorite of the line in looks, but it's not as convenient as the liquid. The trick to 915 is that you need to hold a hair dryer over the top of it for a moment or two to get it soft and pliable. When you've finished one side of the vehicle, run the hair dryer over the can again for a moment to keep it slick. My only real gripe about the 915 is the scent, it doesn't smell as good as the rest of the line. \n\nGreat review of the products. I rarely agree with other detailers personal preferences, but I share the same views as you for most of these products. Keep up the great work!

Car Craft Auto Detailing: +Marvin Harrison Smith II thanks for the tip! It seems like a lot of people really like 915 and I'm sure the application tip will help! \nI really appreciate the kind feedback and support, cheers mate!

Parachute216Reg: what do you think of Autoglym HD wax

Car Craft Auto Detailing: It was a few years back when I tried it, but I do remember really liking it. Easy application, great finish and a decent durability! I think the only issue I had with it was the price. But memory it was over $100 AUD for quite a small tub, \nmaking it one of the most expensive waxes I've ever used, and for that price point my exceptions and results become greater. I'd say if it was half the price it would be one of the best value waxes out there.

fnagdungdagint: Great review. I have a Mazda and have just bought the collinite. Hope I'm ok. Should probably have gone with Fusso instead. You forgot to include Turtle wax hard shell wax. I know you must have tried it at some point. Most car owners have ��