To wax or otherwise to wax? your best guide to summer time laser hair removal

To wax or otherwise to wax?

To wax or otherwise to wax? your best guide to summer time laser hair removal rsquos not permanent

“In the hands of the experienced, knowledgeable, class-A esthetician, you will get stellar is a result of a wax, which after time results in less hair and smoother skin,” Shays states. Should you&rsquore moving in for any wax, Shay recommends that you simply try to shower before your appointment. “We understand that you could&rsquot always have a shower, but get a cleansing cloth, like Cottonelle&rsquos Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths ($5)—we love these since they’re gentle and don&rsquot sting!”

For shaving, she states that it may irritate the skin and then leave cuts and nicks, which bid farewell to portals for bacteria to enter—a.k.a infection city. “Shaving may also result in hyper-pigmentation around the bikini line and underarms,” Sahays states. “It may also toughen the skin—stubble just doesn&rsquot feel attractive!”

To wax or otherwise to wax? your best guide to summer time laser hair removal that you

Lasers, however, are a good choice for individuals with lighter skin and more dark hair. The down-side? “It&rsquos not permanent—it&rsquos only a reduction,” Shays states. “Therefore, many people still need to shave or wax after many models of painful and costly lasers. I&rsquove also seen those who have had laser re-grow once they undergo a large hormonal change, like pregnancy.” How about depilatory creams, like Nair? “They&rsquore filled with chemicals, which could alter the natural pH balance of the epidermis,” she warns.

Consensus: Wax!


HOW TO WAX AT HOME PERFECTLY!! Get Rid of Ingrown Hair!


AlexandrasGirlyTalk: I know a lot of you would like to see a video on Brazilian/bikini waxing… any tips on how I should film that? I appreciate your suggestions!!��

Nazmeen Fatima: +jamie m aapko sii m pimple ho gaye…. ����so bad… m bhi use karne waali thi par ab nii karungi… ��������

Ria Michel: You can probably use your armpits since the hairs are pretty similar to pubes

pølsen bodil: Actually not being ashamed of your arm hair and showing it to us on this video shows somehow courage, since being a hairy girl can be a taboo. Every single time I watch a hair removal video, the girl is always already hairless before removing which always made me insecure about myself. Alexandra I love you!

CruzzinwithCrystal: pølsen bodil gbdhat

Alondra Vazquez: AlexandrasGirlyTalk what kind of wax do you use ?

samantha atterberry: you should do a bikini waxing video. im sure that's the most sensitive area you can wax..and the easiest to mess up too. I'd like to try but I'm too scared I'll mess it up.

you're ugly: samantha atterberry lol i trimmed then i took regular hair (the sensitive one) and got that shit off. i cant shave bc i have an appendectomy scar that is still sensitive

No Name: samantha atterberry same

Kate Elise: please do an in detail bikini waxing video! That's definitely the most complicated and daunting seeming one

princesse 23u: yesssss plzzzz

Sezen Remzi: Kate Elise yesssss

Hanna A: i JUST waxed my legs and loads of hair is still stuck on my legs and when i saw this video notification i screamed right out in frustration

Nyan1012 Aj: xDD

Unknown Person: whatevernamelmfa thank you for your advice. I went to the salon yesterday and they messed my sideburns up so badly!

Valeria Galindo: Alexandra I have a request please do a wax video for the upper lip

Valeria Galindo: +Liz Pena Thanks! I will check it out :D

May Kaye: Get yourself some eyebrow razors. Been usinh them for five years now!!!


Sofia Pinto: illmakeuhowell mix baking soda with some water, leave it on for 2 min or so and then rinse it