Using a twig wax on hair

Beachy surf is typically achieved by utilizing some type of mattifying product, like Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray ($22). Lately, I grew to become reacquainted having a spray wax styling product, and I’d forgotten how easy they’re to make use of. Much like their matte counterparts, these spray waxes provide that laid-back choppy look, however with a rather shiny finish. On top of that, they are lightweight.

Try Enjoy Texture Spray ($16) or Sally Hershberger’s Genius Spray Wax ($12.50), each of which provide hold and texture to any or all hair types and lengths. Of her product, Sally states, "It is about getting the following-day sexy/untidy look, without having searching all dry and greasy." To discover six various ways this can be used multifunctional product, just find out more.

Strategies for utilizing a spray wax:

  1. On dry hair: Simply spray all around the hair and tousle liberally together with your fingers to produce body. No brushing permitted. Develop texture and volume by employed in layers spray, tousle, let dry, and repeat as needed.
  2. For any refined look: After blow-drying hair utilizing a round brush, spray around the wax. Rake a large-tooth comb with the hair to provide a subtle separation, control, and hold for your strands.
  3. On moist hair: For added volume, texture, and separation, use a spray wax to moist hair and blow-dry.
  4. To restyle your hair: Treat a twig wax like a restyling tool. For any quick pick-me-up in the evening, spray the wax spray around the ends of the hair and twist or switch out. Then, mind out of the door for happy hour.
  5. Having a hair straightener: For any smooth finish and also to tame frizz, make use of your spray wax when straightening hair.
  6. For any fun, Summery look: Spray on wax, braid your hair, and let air dry. Once the braids are removed, you will have pretty subtle waves having a satiny-matte finish.