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Pomade is typically oil-based and supply excellent hold and shine having the ability to reshape and comb during the day. It doesn’t wash by helping cover their water and it is generally left within the hair. This is actually the look preferred by ‘greasers’ and individuals searching for that classical slickback. The current growth and development of water-soluble pomades allow users to obtain the same high hold and slicked back look but can be taken off with only water. Water-based pomades don’t have the high shine of oil pomades and can harden to some stiff finish however are handier and provide a more powerful hold to help keep styles in position.

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To Make Use Of: Apply a tiny bit of the merchandise for your palm and make it warm by rubbing both hands together before you apply to slightly moist hair.

Ideal For: Pompadours, Quiffs & Clever Back Styles but can be used as most styles.

Utilize It Because: It’s the only method to give that shiny, clever turn to hair!

Example Products: Suavecito Pomade* (Normal Hold), Baxter of California Clay Pomade*, American Crew Pomade*.


Whereas pomade is best suited for individuals slicked back styles, wax provides a solution for individuals who would like an item which could hold a hair do. Additionally, for individuals with naturally oily hair, wax frequently offers an infinitely more suited solution considering that pomade can also add extra grease for your hair. Whereas pomade remains palliable, wax will frequently dry up following a couple of hrs however will help you to restyle for now. Wax is ideal for making detailed expression and emphasizing your hair do and may also be used to provide a spiky look, unlike pomade.

To Make Use Of: Apply in the same manner as pomade, warming a percentage inside your palms but always affect totally dry hair, never wet.

Ideal For: Most hairstyles including spikes!

Utilize It Because: You may create different textures and add expression to just about any style.

Example Products: Redken Maneuver Working Wax*, Gatsby Moving Rubber*, TIGI Bed Mind Workable Wax*.

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Difference Between Pomade and Wax