Waxing short hair? do this easy application technique

  • Stripless wax. Also referred to as hard wax, it is also is heated, so when applied shrink wraps hair and hardens therefore it does not require a strip since it turns into a strip by itself.

    It is good for small areas with coarse hair as with the underarms and bikini area. Satin Smooth is really a professional company which makes amazing waxes. Their hard waxes ought to be applied as thick like a nickel and also the skin does not must have pre epilation oil applied first as with other companies (although I suggest while using oil with any hard wax). Their Calendula Hard Wax (make a price comparison) will work for thick, coarse frizzy hair. Try Wild Cherry Hard Wax (make a price comparison) for fine to medium hair.

Try Sugaring Paste

There’s two kinds of sugaring- paste and gel and both remove hair in the follicle like waxing. The gel is used and removed in the same manner as wax- method is placed on in direction of growth and removed the alternative way.  The paste has some advantages. The process is much more difficult but it is used in the alternative direction of methods hair grows and removed within the direction of hair regrowth. Here’s the good thing: you only need about 1/16" of growth. It is also considered to be less painful than waxing leaving less irritation and redness.

Waxing short hair? do this easy application technique Their hard waxes ought to

  • In your own home: Although it is a bit challenging do on yourself, you may make your personal sugaring paste (get directions) and save.
  • Professionals: Do an online search in your town for sugaring. (Make certain it’s paste, not gel.) Alexandria Professional and Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring are a couple of firms that use sugaring paste and may lead you to trained professionals in your town.

Resourse: http://hairremoval.about.com/od/waxing/a/

HOW TO WAX ARMPITS // Youtube Tutorial // Cirepil Blue Wax


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Juliethebrat: No no no. This video is full of wrong information. I am an esthetician who is licensed so I know a thing or two about waxing. First of all, with HARD wax, like the one you're using, you apply AGAINST the direction of the hair and you pull WITH the direction of the hair. This will prevent harsh bleeding and bruising, and especially minimize pain. Only with SOFT wax(the kind that you use strips with) do you apply with the direction of the hair and pull against. Second, you NEVER double-dip, even if you're the only one using the wax machine. Why? Because you're basically taking the bacteria off your skin and then dipping it back into your pot. And if you're doing this in an actual salon where there are paying customers, you can cross-contaminate your pot and spread blood pathogens onto other clients. Third, you're not supposed to wait this long to pull the wax because it will crumble and will create more pain for the customer in the long run.

Mandy: This is from a bag of cirepil blue… \n\n " Spread wax onto skin in the direction of the hair growth"\n" with a quick and smooth movement of the wrist, lift the ridge and remove the wax parallel and close to the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth"

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