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The next attractions are affliated using the Salem Wax Museum’s Haunted Neighborhood!

These attractions are open daily in October and seasonally from May-September. Please get more information at open hrs.


Salem Wax Museum of Witches and Seafarers

A wide open gallery style wax museum, featuring 50 London made wax figures. The scenes within our galleries illustrate pinnacle figures and situations in Salem’s history from the founding in 1626 right through to Hysteria of 1692 and in to the Mercantile trade from the 1700s. The galleries lead lower in to the interactive area which provides the chance to understand maritime knot tying, do grave stone rubbing on recreated headstone from your landmark Charter Street Burying Point or you can aquire a first hands experience with detention throughout the Witch Hysteria when you are kept in our existence-size recreated jail cell. Salem Witch Village

Salem Witch Village

The Salem Witch Village

a 15 min led tour in regards to the myth versus a realistic look at witchcraft both in the traditional and modern world. Your tour guide, who is another practicing witch, will give you through our indoor maze and demonstrate scenes that mark important landmarks in Witchcraft history. The tour discusses the foundation of stereotypes for example demon worship, flying on brooms and black cats, different persecution periods like the Salem Witch Trials and also the Burning Occasions of Europe too clarifies exactly what it means to become a witch today

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<td colspan=Frankenstein’s Castle

Salem’s newest haunted attraction is inspired through the classic duration of literary horror. Walk into the low dungeon from the Salem Wax Museum and go into the well known dungeon of Dr. Frankenstein. Wind the right path with the dark, curving hallways and find out the darkest side of the madman’s quest to produce a most horrid monster. Please use discretion when choosing tickets for kids.

haunted village The Haunted Witch Village

During the night in October the Witches and Guardians leave the Village and also the more dark side in our maze comes alive. Our museum goes haunted with ghouls, goblins and all sorts of matters of products which go bump at night. Salem’s longest running and largest haunted attraction.

Candlelit Candlelit Ghostly Walking Tour

This half-hour walk-through the roads of Historic Salem goes to a number of our most haunted houses and locations. This tour discusses a brief history from the building along with the different accounts of spirit activity. The tour guide can tell you around the best ways of ghost photography along with the various kinds of spectral evidence that seems on people’s home photography. Some popular features of our tour would be the Joshua Ward House, the Howard St. Graveyard and Old Salem Prison and also the Lyceum. This attraction should be booked just before date of tour.

spellcasting A Spellcasting, Inside the Witching Hour

An active presentation with a real practicing witch. She will give you through all of the steps of the ritual circle from creating sacred space, to magical trying to releasing your spells. Participation is welcomed. What we should call infotainment. So come go into the temple. Adopted by Q + A period permitting. This attraction should be booked just before date of tour.




Ian Restil: If you go to Tewksbury be sure to check out Vic's Waffle House.

Petrova Fire: I wish I could go here! 🙂 the witch trials always fascinated me as a kid because I grew up with Harry Potter and other witch/magical movies.

Krystal Harwood: +Petrova Fire HP was fake! The Salem trials were VERY real!

Petrova Fire: No shit, dumb ass. You need to go back to school and learn how to read because I NEVER said Harry Potter was real. 

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MontcomHorror: It's a fun area with a lot of interesting history; plenty of shops and restaurants; lots of activities going on; during October, festival type atmosphere mixed with daily business and life.

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MontcomHorror: Awesome! Have a good time learning about it. It is an extremely interesting time period in American history. 

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MontcomHorror: Thanks for watching! I'm not sure of the name. It's right across from that cemetery that we go to afterwards. I live in Los Angeles and even asked my sister the name and she didn't know. Sorry about that! We visited so many stores there.

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