Burnt and melted wax figures following the 1925 fire at madame tussauds working in london

I’m so unsettled and intrigued with this incredible photograph of wax figures burnt and melted following the massive 1925 fire that destroyed Madame Tussauds wax museum working in london. I believe wax models alone happen to be pretty creepy, however i don’t think the Chamber of Horrors can touch the pathos of the unintentionally nasty scene. With missing heads and appendages, charred skin and clothing out of balance, the uncanny wax models truly seem like the causalities of some good trauma.

I’ve been attempting to unearth more photographs of destroyed wax models in the fire, without any luck. However, Used to do encounter this newsreel which shows the destruction from the fire, and a few of the wax figures inside the boulders. 

Nearly as interesting are the colorful quotes obtained from 1925 news tales concerning the fire:

  • “London isn”t frequently the scene of spectacular fires, but because of the liberal way to obtain wax fuel the planet-famous building within the Marylebone Road produced a blaze yesterday that was probably the most thrilling fire spectacle observed working in london for a long time.Inches
  • “The fire at Madame Tussaud’s would be a most wonderful spectacle, with multi-coloured flames shooting full of the air…Ten 1000 onlookers viewed the progress from the fire, so when they heard the wax models sizzling yelled towards the firemen: ‘How’s Deeming?’ and ‘How’s Crippen?’” (two crooks whose wax likenesses were incorporated within the Chamber of Horrors)
  • “The fire brigade was underneath the command of Mr. A. R. Dyer, who had been introduced towards the scene from the theatre where he’d been spending the night with a few buddies. Even though he is at evening dress he required an energetic part within the operations.”
  • “A cheer originated from the put together thousands once the salvage men arrived on the scene transporting a sizable cage by which was the famous Mme. Tussaud’s parrot. The parrot was discovered laying at the end of their cage stupefied because of the smoke and also the intense heat, but following a couple of moments on view air it revived…Then it startled everybody by remarking, ‘This is really a rotten business.’“
  • “It is strange to consider the amount of eminent, and highly respectable people being burned in effigy working in london. Madame Tussaud’s famous waxworks spread its internet everywhere, and a minimum of forty people from the present Parliament and lots of notabilities outdoors were symbolized in wax during these burning galleries. Crooks symbolized within the Chamber of Horrors, however, may have no feelings within the matter, because they are all dead.”

// Image from Wassenbeelden Museum (via Theory of Disease/firsttimeuser). Professional photographer unknown.

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Resourse: https://ridiculouslyinteresting.com/2012/11/27/burnt-and-melted-wax-figures-after-the-1925-fire-at-madame-tussauds-in-london/

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, London Tour 8 August.


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