Creepy historic photos from madame tussauds ‘chamber of horrors’

If your wax figure of Kaira Pitt or Attacking Young Boys does not sufficiently fill your creepy quota during the day, what about you attempt some old-fashioned wax figure photos, in black and white-colored for many extra punch.

Madame Tussaud began the phenomenon in 1835, opening her first wax museum on Baker Street working in london.

A primary attraction from the museum is, even today, the Chamber of Horrors — an exhibit that incorporated victims from the French Revolution, murderers, as well as other crooks (today it’s live actors that make believe you be "unhinged" inmates).

All taken between 1905 and 1961, the photos here are disturbing not just due to the kind of people they illustrate, speculate the figures inside them haven’t yet been completed — figures are headless, owner-less hands lie on the top of each other, the mind of Stalin glares at its creator — and things are, obviously, spine-chillingly realistic.

Browse the intriguingly freaky photos below:


Circa 1950: A specialist creates damaged hands in the waxworks.


Circa 1930: the mind of Frederick Stalin being cleaned.


March 1928: Moving waxworks right into a van bound for Madame Tussaud‘s new premises in Marylebone Road, London.


June 7, 1929: John Tussaud focusing on the ‘big five’, the key statesmen from the Socialist Government. Left to right Frederick Clynes (Home Secretary), Philip Snowden (Chancellor from the Exchequer), Ramsay MacDonald (Pm), Arthur Henderson (Foreign Secretary) and James Thomas (Lord Privy Seal).


March 20, 1928: A cameraman films a few women because they craft waxwork heads for any new exhibition.


May 13, 1933: Anti Hitler occurrences — a wax type of the German dictator colored in red.


September 1935: Bernard Tussaud, grand son of Madame Tussaud, holds two wax heads, certainly one of Haile Selassie, Emperor of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and yet another of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.


Circa 1950: The waxwork heads of numerous celebrities take a seat on a table waiting to become repaired or melted lower.


June 20, 1928: Two youthful boys stare in a waxwork type of Princess Elizabeth.


1905: Wax types of performed murderers Diereneuk and Barmouth, with Cruz, from the ‘Brides within the Bath’ fame.


The wax figure of Charles Peace, a well known British killer, is transported from Madame Tussaud’s to some vehicle, to be able to work as honorary president in an evening meeting from the "Crime Club" within the Grosvenor House working in london.


May 1961: The wax heads of President John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev receive a wash and improve when preparing for any topical display of heads of condition as the Vienna Summit Conference happens.

All images thanks to Getty Images.


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Alison Dawson: Didn't speak the language either ? Did it ever occur to you that this guy was for real and was trying to steal you ???

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Abaddon Interitus: The Chamber of horrors is now closed due to offending the new religion of political correctness. Yet one more part of our culture stripped away because Britain has become a nation of pathetic, spineless little Eloi who can't cope with reality.

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