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In 1795 Marie married François Tussaud, but she left him in 1802 so she could tour around Britain together with her assortment of dying masks. The nasty roadshow incorporated the dying masks from the French king Louis XVI and the wife Marie-Antoinette. Tussaud’s collection affirmed the disdain from the British audience for France’s bloodthirsty revolutionaries and it was a large hit. Marie Tussaud never came back to France.

In 1835, after greater than three decades touring the nation, she produced a lasting exhibit on Baker Street. There is a surcharge for that famous Chamber of Horrors, another chamber most abundant in horrifying displays of crooks and victims from the French Revolution. Meanwhile, Marie Tussaud added many likenesses to her collection.

In 1884, several decades after her dying, Madame Tussaud’s wax museum gone to live in its current location on London’s Marylebone Road, where millions have was in queue for hrs to obtain a glimpse at her work which of her successors.

The present museum endured a fireplace in 1925 and lots of statues were lost. However, the molds continued to be intact and some of the pieces were recreated. Regrettably countless molds were destroyed throughout the Blitz at the beginning of world war ii. Ironically among the surviving masks is Hitler, that was produced in 1933.

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Today the wax museum is among London’s busiest attractions and through peak tourist season, it’s quite common to come across lengthy lines that stretch for blocks. The museum began a foreign expansion in 1970, if this opened up a branch location in Amsterdam. Today it’s expanded to a lot of more metropolitan areas including Vegas, New You are able to City, Hong Kong, Washington Electricity and Hollywood.


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