Astana aqua park hosts st petersburg wax museum exhibit the astana occasions


People to the Wax Museum Exhibition are able to consider an image using their favourite movie figures.

ASTANA – An exhibit in the St. Petersburg Wax Museum opened up towards the public on August. 11 at Astana’s Aqua Park.

The centrepiece from the exhibit are figures of individuals in the Guinness Book of Records, for example Matthew McGrory, who’d a size 63 feet, , Francois Pele, the individual using the greatest ears who resided within the nineteenth century a 2-headed Chinese lady, a four-legged Englishwoman, the tallest (223 cm) and also the shortest twins (76 cm) anf the husband-Cyclops-Take advantage of Wright, an Afro-American with one eye around the bridge of his nose, Indian Gard Berseth, who had been born without arms, but tend to shoot from the bow together with his legs and when shot 82 wild birds in a single hour. The Englishwoman with four legs was mom of 5 children anf the husband-Cyclops would be a respected and non secular person.

Additionally to individuals indexed by the Guinness Book of World Records, other people were also exhibited, such as the beloved protagonists of “Gentlemen of Fortune”, “Peculiarities from the National Fishing” and figures of “Star Wars” and “Shrek.”

As many as 1,500 wax figures take presctiption display within an exhibition with tickets costing roughly three dollars.


Hollywood Wax Museum Horror Exhibit


The2k Massiah: Michael Myers is the most fake ever

Elizabeth Milles Jackson: at first, I thought that one of the dolls was going to jump at the screen :p

dragonlover 231: 2nd

JAZ G&W: they have Dracula and the mummy but no Frankenstein? you have failed me!

ASciFiBuff: I know, it sucks

Jon Bongo: always trying to find an amazing horror wax museum video. This one isn't to bad.

Fancyfree See: 10th near stuff there!

Dante Gonzalez: Freddy' s claws look like the Wolverine claws once it got closer

Dante Gonzalez: No Aliens or Predator

ASciFiBuff: Afraid not, but that would have been cool

the Thunderdome gaming: Jason Voorhees on point realistic

GymnastAnna13: 3 rd

ASciFiBuff: First