Attractions in st petersburg russia

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Alexander Nevsky Monastery and Graveyard (Lavra Aleksandra Nevskogo) Religious Site
Alexandrinsky Theatre The Performing Arts
Buddhist Temple (Budisky Khram) Religious Site
Chesma Cathedral and Monastery Religious Site
Church from the Savior around the Spilled Bloodstream (Tserkov Spasitelya Na Krovi) Religious Site
Dostoyevsky Museum Museum
Erarta Museum
Hermitage Theatre The Performing Arts
Kazan Cathedral (Kazansky Sobor) Religious Site
Kunstkamera Museum
Mariinsky Theatre The Performing Arts
Museum of Dolls Museum
Mussorgsky Theater (also known as Maly Theater or Condition Academic Opera and Ballet Theater) The Performing Arts
Nikolayevsky Palace The Performing Arts
Novy Museum Museum
Peter and Paul Cathedral The Performing Arts
Russian Museum Museum
Shostakovich Philharmonic The Performing Arts
Smolny Cathedral and Convent The Performing Arts
Smolny Cathedral and Convent (Smolny Sobor) Religious Site
St. Isaac’s Cathedral (Isaakevsky Sobor) Religious Site
St. Petersburg Chamber Opera The Performing Arts
St. Petersburg Conservatory (Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg Condition Conservatory) The Performing Arts
St. Petersburg Mosque (Mechet) Religious Site
St. Petersburg Wax Figure Museum Museum
Condition Academic Kapella The Performing Arts
Summer time Gardens (Letny Sad) Park/Garden
Synagogue (Sinagoga) Religious Site
Taurida Gardens (Tavrichesky Sad) Park/Garden
The Hermitage Museum
The Nation’s Pushkin Museum Museum
Victory Park (Park Pobedy) Park/Garden


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Luitpold Walterstorffer: One of Europe´s greatest cities!

Doña LeVeck: My family and I have visited 61 countries. Saint Petersburg Russia is the most beautiful city we have ever seen. Plus it's full of culture; ballet, music, restaurants, museums, parks etc… \n

евгений ж: Thank you!

John North London: Want to go there so badly!\nGreetings from your orthodox brothers Greece!

Anton Jaha: John North London, yuo kenn Not bee brothers with as because greeks 50 % from People is gypsi only, Arvanitas is original People

Анна Третьякова: St.Peterburg the most beautiful city in the world!!!

Elene Tsartsidze: yes

D: I aggree waymore beautifil then France or England!!

Tuula Westra: I am Finn, it is easy to take a fast train from Helsinki to see this fab city, kiitos Pietari, spasiba.

Fascism is back: I thought u hate russian ;__;

coderodde: Tuula Westra Tervetuloa Pietariin!

jon wills: Jesus!! This place is beautiful!

Ragnar6000: Russia looks amazing I would love to go to St. Petersburg one day!…..Greetings from Australia.

Ragnar6000: Yes will visit Moscow too…thank you :)

Александр Ляшенко: +Анна Третьякова yoar inglish is great

Octavio89: I just adore the russian architecture

kwazooplayingguardsman: Oka rus i think they meant that st peterburgs is designed with western european techniques and architecture. Peter the Great is a westerphile and adore the west so he decided to make a western city in russia that will rival any other western city in europe and he did after he finished the magnificent city of st petersberg.

Rod Jarrow: kwazooplayingguardsman Saint Petersburg was founded on May 27 1703. Peter the Great no finished the magnificent city of st petersberg, because Peter the Great died in 1725. Alas, 22 years is not enough to finished the finished the magnificent city of st petersberg. The city built a long time two centuries after Peter.. and today the city continues to be built.

World Cities: i love this city. i love russia. who put dislike? i dont understand.but why?

glowish1993: This city is legendary!!! I have been to so many beautiful cities like Vienna, Prague and Budapest but St. Petersburg really charmed me the most!! Of course it depends on what you like, but SP has so much beautiful palaces and churches that looks so golden, royal and colourful. Also, I love the idea of the main street (Nevsky Prospekt), it has beautiful buildings and it is so easy to walk around, eat and do some shopping! Russian food is affordable and delicious, and most restaurant waiters speak enough English to understand your orders and the people are very friendly in general! Missing this place already! Hope that more people will visit and see Russia for themselves and realize Russians are actually nice people, all the world politics out there are only creating divides between people that shouldn't exist! Great video, brings back good memories!! Спасибо!