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— Lindsay Varney, Washington

Washington’s Planet Hollywood had its star-studded gala grand opening on March. 3, 1993, within the old Evening Star building, 1101 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Based on the Washington Publish, 1,500 “screaming fans” viewed as franchise proprietors Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore mugged around the red carpet. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t attend. His wife, Maria Shriver, had just had a baby.

Hard Rock Coffee shop would-be gutted it until 2001, if this closed its doorways. Louis Gossett Junior.’s uniform from “An Officer along with a Gentleman” and Matthew Broderick’s costume from “Glory” were obviously insufficient to lure customers. The chain endures elsewhere, however, including in New You are able to and Guam.

from Sept. 21, 2003

Update: Washington remains Planet Hollywoodless. The most recent Planet Hollywood opened up this season in Kuwait. Its memorabilia features a Washington license plate that made an appearance within the 1993 Charlie Sheen film “Hot Shots: Part Deux.” Schwarzenegger and Shriver aren’t together.

Before madame tussauds washington had another wax museum the washington publish The star

Despite the fact that I resided within the District for several years, I had been never here to answer an issue visitors frequently requested me: Can there be any link between Chevrolet Chase, Md., and also the actor through the same name?

— Keith Mattrick, Oakland, Calif.

No, there isn’t, although remarkably enough, the unsuccessful talk show host once rested within the White-colored House. Chase is at town together with his wife, Jayni, in 1994 when she received an award on her use the middle for Ecological Education. The pair were active Bill Clinton supporters, thus Chase’s entree towards the executive mansion. History doesn’t record whether he did any one of his patented pratfalls.

But about this name: The star of these classics as “Cops and Robbersons” and “Spies Like Us” was created Cornelius Crane Chase. Supposedly his grandmother believed that was too serious a moniker for any little kid and nicknamed him Chevrolet.

In the “Saturday Night Live” days, Chase sometimes used a T-shirt that read, “Yes, it’s my real name.” It had been a tale.

from Sept. 21, 2003


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