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Pastor Richard Gemstone began the museum in 1983, after being inspired by a trip to another wax museum many years earlier. Understanding that making new wax figures was costly, Gemstone started trying to find used figures from museums round the country. A lot of his early figures were re-purposed from the defunct Bible wax museum in Pennsylvania.

During the period of 3 decades, the museum is continuing to grow from only a couple of figures and scriptural scenes to in excess of 300 figures and five distinct tours: The Existence of Christ, Miracles from the Old Testament, Museum of Christian Martyrs, Heart from the Reformation, and Amazing Elegance: The Journeys of Paul. Many of these scenes were built through the congregants from the Gemstone Hill Cathedral, who also run the museum.

The museum has ongoing its re-purposing of old wax figures, which results in some bizarre scenes. A customer may spy a discarded Travolta Qantas Video as King Solomon or Tom Cruise making a look and feel as Jesus. The Final Supper is made by craftsmen who work with Madame Tussauds. The figures were saved from another museum in Arkansas, and also the narration supplies a background on every apostle and the significance within the Bible.

Biblewalk wax museum – mansfield ohio awards and trophies

Additionally towards the wax figures, the museum houses an accumulation of rare Bibles, Christian folk art, and works of art, wood carvings, along with a 39-panel Walk from the Parables by Mark Pedro, that was saved from the museum in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The museum also offers a duplicate Crown of Thorns. The church itself is renowned for its parade floats and it has a big assortment of awards and trophies. But for the truly curious, they likewise have an evening meal theater that operates April through June with shows placed on by people from the Gemstone Hill Cathedral.


Unbelievable Relgious Wax Museum – Bible Walk


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