Buena park&aposs movieland wax museum is really a ghost itself la occasions


“Where they wax eloquently.”

So the la Occasions announced the museum if this opened up in 1962, offering about 60 sculpted figures that symbolized the very first half-century of cinema.

Actress Mary Pickford, among the greatest stars from the silent era, demonstrated as much as dedicate the causes on opening night. Entrepreneur Allen Parkinson treated the museum’s debut as an actual movie premiere, filled with searchlights, bleachers and stars coming in limousines.

The museum came as much as 1.two million visitors annually during its peak of recognition, within the 1960s, also it continued to be a esteemed place for celebrities for many years after. The cement handprints still preserved while watching building include individuals of Carol Burnett, Marcel Marceau, Ray Charles, Erectile dysfunction Asner and also the leads from the “Batman” Tv show.

The museum stored up-to-date with celebrities with time, as Kate Winslet and Britney Spears required their places along the kind of Mae West and W.C. Fields, but attendance and interest reduced nevertheless.

Using the museum now lengthy closed, that sign over Beach Boulevard sometimes poses an issue.

Sara Copping, the manager director from the Visit Buena Park tourist bureau, frequently will get calls asking when the museum is open or what its hrs are. The sign may represent a treasured a part of history for locals, but individuals from outdoors the area are frequently unclear about the possible lack of a wax museum under it.

Copping, who became a member of the bureau staff one half-decade following the museum closed, stated she’d gladly begin to see the sign amended to pay attention to the brand new tenant.

“I think it absolutely is needed with eliminating a number of that confusion from vacationers in the region,Inches she stated.

One that does not entirely mind getting the register front is Louise Manley, the assistant gm of Premier Exhibitions.

Since her temporary exhibitions moved in to the museum space 2 yrs ago, she stated, past visitors have stopped through the property and shared recollections.

Sometimes, they have even introduced their kids together, only to discover the museum is lengthy closed.

“We get individuals who accustomed to work here — lots of individuals,” Manley stated. “And individuals who keep in mind it growing up. It had been a great experience on their behalf.Inches

Frequently, though, the visitors pay admission for that current shows rather. In “Titanic,” they are able to view authentic artifacts in the sea liner’s 1912 voyage, which Movieland once portrayed inside a scene. As well as in “Bodies,” they are able to view examples from actual cadavers — an appropriate choice, possibly, for any building that when prided itself on making still figures seem like flesh.


Miller writes for Occasions Community News.

Resourse: http://latimes.com/local/california/

Movieland Wax Museum, Buena Park, CA 1962-2005


Michelle Bell: This is neat to see 🙂  My grandmother's brother is the one who built the Wax Museum and ran it for years before selling it in 1970.  

Shari Brown: Get OUT!!! That is so cool! 

smith jones: I first went there in 1990.   when you first went in you had your picture taken with the george burns wax figure.   went back in 2003 and again had your picture taken with george burns.   this placed needed a major update.    too many of the  displays were long ago hits from the 1970s.  superman, poisedan adventure, lou grant, mash etc.   if they had retooled it like madame tussads in hollywood where you can touch and have pictures taken with the figures would that have kept the doors opened?     would anyone know if the fred mcmurray flubber display with the flying model t ever worked?    

Jose Monster: Just looked it up because I was curious myself, movie land was closed due to poor attendance but the property was leased it to premier who have now brought bodies and the titanic to boost sells.

Sodiumreactor: the sign is still up on the building.  did they reopen it?

41mas: Hey? does anyone still remember the black box they had that was really scary! I wish someone was brave enough to flim it as a momento. Gash I miss it too. So many new people never got to see it and all its glory…… very sad.

rhall1969: The hands in cement and signatures are still there near the front of the building.

CLOVEONE1: I can't believe they closed this magnificent landmark.

JudasPriest714: I can't believe they closed this down AND ripleys believe it or not

asianmanxD: how come they closed down >_>

Bryanna f: that mj one i can't find a picture of that but i want to it looks cool better than the ones i have seen

Melissa Trent: I miss this museum! It was the best!

John Smith: The only wax museum I liked because there were huge sets you could walk into like western streets and the yellow brick road to the Wizard of Oz and a colosseum with racing chariots for Ben Hur. There was a snack bar and gift shop halfway through but it really needed to develop the property around it with shops and eateries and small attractions to make the high price of admission worth it and current. The more people stopped going the higher the prices went. Until people stopped going at all.

simplypsycho123: i loved that place why did it have to close ans what did they do with all the wax statues?

haroof: I hate that they closed this but it was bound to happen eventually when you think about it.

proudnorthern: I mean 2 years ago, probably it was up to close, do you know why they did that?

proudnorthern: why???, I went there 1 year ago and I really liked it :(