Insane clown posse lyrics wax museum


Thanks for visiting the gypsy of fortunes

Your gold coin was greatly appreciated

And today I shall grant you your future

It appears my cards of tarot have worked a very odd hands

A hands of six jokers card, this is extremely rare

And suggest something neusant is approaching

You ought to be visited with a dark circus

A circus that holds discomfort and anguish

This travelling mass of evil leaves you corpse to rot

While entrapping your soul to displayed at future stops

Indeed, it’s also wise to remember that it’s your own evil doings

Which have introduced relating to this carnival’s visit

All the sins and hate you’ve cast on your existence

Have whipped and spun into form, the type of one

One that leads this nasty parade of discomfort to your existence

One sinister animal, one known only as RINGMASTER

Welcome as well as gentlemen towards the museum, the wax museum

A large number of dead souls covered in wax

All the rare exhibits you’re going to encounter

Are strange and wonderous creations from the one and also the only

Leader of all of them

So both dead and undead please welcome the R-r-r-ringmaster

Insane clown posse lyrics wax museum covered in wax    

All the"Purpose, question, kill"

The ICP is from the Ringmaster

And also the Ringmaster’s from the attutes of mankind

G-ya, motherfucker, you now gotta face your worst enemy

And that is yourself

Every wicked factor you have ever done

Originates back now

And it is gonna whip your little ass, bitchboy

Us, we are just clowns

We simply work with the Ringmaster

Using the wave of his magic wand

I advance, wind back

And swing this fight axe

Upside your motherfucking mind


So step up make the R-r-r-ringmaster

Goes around the ride of the existence

Horror and fear, smiles and tears

And oh everso exaggerate

The Ringmaster increases up and lifts over the sky

With the forest and lower the forest

Across the valley, past their prime

And lower the path or more the pavement

Simply to surprise you and also yours

At the very door

Let us go, motherfuckers!!!


Behind the Paint – Insane Clown Posse – Lyrics


Jamie Cupp: I feel this word for word. I was a juggalo before the word was ever even thought of. I was fat as a kid and assholes called me titties. I discovered the dark carnival and was inspired deeply. Found other juggalos around me. Then once I got into shape and became a true ninja then I left my impression on the fools who picked on me by whooping their stupid ass's one by one until bitches started show in some respect. I hope every one of them reads this and wants to come back for more! Thank u soo much Jo and joey. And the carnival. I owe u guys my life for your messages and inspiration. Much clown love to all! Al. Quimby

Sylvia Rogers: yep pretty much sums it up for how my childhood was I'm so glad I found my juggalo family i don't know where I'd be without y'all mmfwcl whoop whoop

Spartan Heart: one of the best.

Mr_ Flight1586: Shady aftermath all day… But this song is sick!!!

skitzo ego: I miss there old music like this

Travis King: Love this song would love to see them do it live whoop whoop

DerrickJMitchell: someone who does not even know who ICP is can be a juggalo, those who don't Like Icp can bea juggalo.

Aisha Freelove: this is my favorite song of theirs.

Noah Fisher: This song really hits home for people who grew up like this. Maybe not same but like it. I come back to it every once in a while.

Daniel Harvey: i love the lyrics from people outside of the hood. maybe even just outside detroit. said asked out my brody said assed out.

Amanda Murphy: by the way this is Timmothy Amanda's bf

Amanda Murphy: basically me so far to all if the family that has went thru the same whoop-whoop.

Heff Salin: What albums this on

kyle hux: Heff Salin bizzar/bizaar

Heff Salin: Mfcl

Kimmo Laine: Look beneath the paint, bitch.

BUCKET JR. Slusher: my life….

James Dunnell: I lived like this since I was a kid this song hits home in so many ways now I see the ones that picked on me and I rub it in there face that I'm doing alot better then them Carma is a bitch and y'all got what was comeing

Gryff Raven: Grew up the same way

D Bilz: this is the song that made me start making music