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The Wax Museum, located in the heart of Old Town, offers faithful reproductions from the scenes and individuals that populated that old West. Featuring a number of historic figures like “The Great Pathfinder” John C. Fremont and “The King from the Trailblazers” John Master, the exhibit also displays significant historic developments for example the work around the Comstock Lode (“The Finest Bonanza” from the age) and natural backdrops that provide focus on the standard settlements of pioneers, Indigenous Peoples, and Nevada’s wildlife. Scenes of town construction, saloon lazing, household existence, or even a bear attack result in the wax museum an excellent accessory for Old Town and be sure entertaining representations from the Old West for tourists in the a long time.

Wax MuseumWax Museum at Old Town

Wax Museum at Old Town

The Wax Museum is accessible through led tours (following the gunfight) and follows the agenda for the rest of Old Town in going dark on Monday and Tuesday. It resides next to the present shop/zoo entrance.

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Haunted Wax Museum Bonnie Springs Ranch