Wax museum biography resea through the teacher nearby

Wax museum biography resea through the teacher nearby love that you should followThis 25 page Wax Museum Project can help your students produce a biography research set of a famous American. The culminating area of the project is definitely an amazing Wax Museum, where students be the individual they’ve discovered and stand “still”, just like a Wax Museum, until someone walks as much as them and presses the “button” on their own backdrop. Then students provide a short three to four sentence speech about this person’s existence.

I truly love this project! The children figure all this out regarding their celebrity but besides as being a great chance to learn, it is also a very fun here we are at parents and throughout the college who attend.

I’ve done the Wax Museum in 2 different venues: within my classroom (see Teacher Notes for any detailed explanation) and during a workout session with other classes. It’s a “highlight” kind of experience that the students will remember.

The kodak playtouch camcorder includes:

Project Directions for college students (includes an editable version)

Early Years Research Note Page

Old Age Research Note Page

Interesting Details Note Page

Accomplishment Note Page

Timeline Example Page

Bibliography Rough Draft Page

Press Button Page

Homework Page (for canopy and backdrop photos, includes an editable version)

Student Cover Examples (2 pages)

Wax Museum Speech Directions (includes an editable version)

Writing Pages (Introduction, Existence Story, Interesting Details, Bibliography)

Rubric (includes an editable version)

Teacher Notes (3 very detailed pages)

All you need is here now, organized and able to produce a very significant, fun, biography research study.

If you want the kodak playtouch camcorder, you could also such as these sources:

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Resourse: https://teacherspayteachers.com/Product/

Mrs. Luker's Wax Museum


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96NightRider96: omg I did this in 4th grade!!! I was like 10…we had to memorise an entire speech and we used a milk bottle cap as like a button for people to push. We were outside and it was hot lol. Memories….that was like 2005.\n\nomg looking at these kids…did i really look this young in 4th grade… gosh im 21 now…\n\n\nomg michael jackson!!!!!

Wendy Rivera: good gob i did a great job

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