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cuttlefish/FlickrNobody includes a liking for stinging insects, but with regards to the honeybee, humanity owes a massive debt towards the insect. Honeybees produce numerous items that benefit us. While producing honey, bees build honeycomb cells made from wax where honey, pollen (and baby bees) are stored. Beeswax is really a by-product of honey production, but has numerous uses within the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries – for instance, producing top quality creams, protecting and aging cheese or coating pills.

Around the house there are many ways to use this versatile product. Beeswax can be bought in hardware stores or craft stores in block form. A 1 pound block of beeswax will definitely cost between $4-20, with respect to the grade and whether it’s filtered or unfiltered.

Without adding almost anything to it, beeswax alone may be used within the following ways:

1. Within the woodshop, drip just a little melted beeswax on rusted nuts or bolts to get rid of them easier when screwing into new wood, try dipping screws into liquid wax to prevent splitting or cracking wood.

2. Purchase or help make your own beeswax candle lights – the benefit to burning beeswax rather of common paraffin wax candle lights is they burn cleaner and longer and also have a better flame. Places of worship frequently burn beeswax candle lights simply because they smoke and drip significantly less. For people with sensitivity to smoke and intense fragrances, beeswax candle lights make the perfect alternative.

3. Drawers or home windows stick? Try rubbing the stub of the beeswax candle or block across the edges from the door and tracks.

4. Run your sewing thread against a block of beeswax a couple of occasions – it’ll slide with the fabric simpler and stop longer threads from tangling.

This is a fundamental old-fashioned recipe to make a beeswax compound, an affordable option to commercial wax-based products:

Lightly melt, under cold one part beeswax, shaved or reduce small pieces, more than a hot plate or perhaps in double-boiler. After wax is melted, remove from heat and include the same a part of turpentine with ½ part steamed linseed oil. Mix well and allow it to awesome to some creamy consistency. (Warning: Don’t add turpentine or mix more than a flame because it is a combustible product and can lead to fire!). You may also create a non-toxic wood finish through the elimination of the turpentine and mixing equal parts melted wax and artificial mineral oil. After it’s cooled you should use the mix the following:

5. Condition and waterproof boots, saddles, bags or any other leather products by rubbing in to the leather having a dry, flannel, working it in well along seams. Let dry, then buff to shine.

6. Coat hands tools, shovels, surefire pieces to avoid rust from developing. Including treating wood handles to preserve and safeguard them from degrading.

7. Use like a wood finish on bare wood – apply paste having a cotton rag, working it in to the grain, then buff.

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The Use of Beeswax on Hair


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Nesha Britwood: Brought some today and it worked wonders.

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Santricia Jones: Can someone please tell me how to get beeswax out of hair?

tasha the janitor: wash it with clarifying shampoo. and warner than usual water VO5 green bottle at the dollar store

Santricia Jones: +Tasha Rhodes Thank you.

ASGREENE123: you can also do an olive oil treatment. Quick rub in before washing or leave in longer maybe an hour or two or over night.

Beezy: do you get any build up?

Klay Buckingham: I use it for my pomp but thinking of making pomade with it 

Natural4CHairPassion: @babiik1212 you can. As long as you don't put the beeswax on the roots, you can still spray water or whatever onto the roots then pull from the roots up, the moisture will go underneath the beeswax, and then reseal the ends only with the beeswax!

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holysin pray: Thanks for this video but I cant seem to find the the one that shows how u did dis hair style can u give me a link, thanks

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