25 uses of beeswax the paleo mama

25 ways to use beeswax

Lately after moving onto our farm, we harvested our first honey in the five established honeybee hives already there. (Read about our first experience here.) It had been so exciting to locate that people had several gallons of pure, sweet honey just awaiting us. But I am not confident that I had been more looking forward to the honey or concerning the beautiful beeswax that included the honey! Among the wonderful benefits of raising honeybees may be the awesome potential of the numerous homemade uses you’ll find for that beeswax the honeybees produce to construct their honeycombs. These 25 uses of beeswax ought to keep you just busy and provide you with plenty of suggestions for homemade gifts!

You will find tons of ways to use beeswax. Within this blog publish I wish to let you know about twenty approximately of my personal favorite uses. I’ll range from the following:

  1. Fundamental Details About Beeswax
  2. Great Ways to use Beeswax Throughout the house and Garden
  3. Beeswax Is a superb Assistant in the kitchen area
  4. Using Beeswax in Homemade Beauty and health Products
  5. Beeswax Products You May Make for your kids

1. Fundamental Details About Beeswax


Only honeybees make beeswax. Honey bees make six-sided cells which are space-efficient and also the best contour around accommodate a round, growing honey bee larva. To create comb, the bees take away the items of wax known as “wax scales” in the undersides of the abdomen and chew and mold them into position. Producing beeswax is stimulated when there’s an excellent way to obtain flower nectar for example when clover and alfalfa blossom. Bees don’t build comb prior to it being needed. Pollen may be the adult honey bee’s supply of protein plus they collect it in variety. The gums and resins, which beekeepers call “propolis,” are utilized to varnish within the bee’s nest.

Beeswax has been utilized forever of civilization. It’s been based in the pharaohs’ tombs, in sunken Viking ships, and Roman ruins. Beeswax is actually the duct tape of old, with a large number of uses and being virtually indispensable.

Pure beeswax is solid at 70 degrees. It’ll have a putty-like consistency above 80-90 levels F, and can melt around 145-147 levels F. It doesn’t go bad, but does obtain a powder known as blossom onto it when stored at cooler temperatures. A blow drier will take away the blossom, or use a soft rag to buff the blossom off. You are able to wrap it in plastic to avoid dust, dirt and fuzz sticking with it.

2. Great Ways to use Beeswax Throughout the house and Garden

There are lots of methods for you to use beeswax throughout the house for maintenance and also to boost the atmosphere. I wish to provide you with a couple of ideas which may be things you would like to test.

Candle lights—We love our homemade beeswax candle lights to much that, obviously, that’s the first idea I wish to spread for you. We like the ambiance they provide, and also the wonderful scents we are able to create using the natural enjoyable give an impression of the beeswax combined with the most popular essential oils. There’s nothing much better than sitting lower with your family at night, lighting our beeswax candle lights, flowing some lavender tea with raw honey and watching the most popular Television show, Little House around the Prarie. I’ll be discussing my very own recipe to make these candle lights soon, but this is a connect to a simple recipe you can test.

Grafting wax—Gardeners have used beeswax for grafting two plants together for years and years. Beeswax is non-toxic, and doesn’t deteriorate, lasting for that several weeks essential to permit the plants to develop together. You will find a simple formula to make grafting wax here.

Waxing thread—It is a huge benefit to have a small cake of beeswax inside your sewing box. Should you wax the thread prior to using it, it’s not only simpler to thread the needle, but it’ll also keep the thread from knotting as you utilize it.

Oiling furniture joints—Beeswax is a superb lubricant for individuals squeaky furniture joints. It is always good in order to your doorways and window to maneuver easily, and thus more healthy for the atmosphere the chemicals available.

Stopping rust—Coat your hands tools, surefire, and shovels with beeswax to ensure that they’re from rusting. You may also rub the beeswax around the handles of the tools to safeguard them against deterioration.

Homemade furniture polish—Beeswax is an excellent furniture polisher. Melt 1 Tablespoons of. of grated beeswax with 3 Tablespoons of. of coconut oil. If this cools and hardens, make use of a flannel to rub it on your pine wood furniture. Buff having a soft flannel until all of the residue is taken away.

2. Beeswax Is a superb Assistant in the kitchen area

Granite polisher—Do you like your granite countertops but hate the dinghy look they’ve after hard use? Polish all of them with molten beeswax, easily wiped on and permitted to dry, then easily wiped served by a suede bit of cloth.

Grease-free baking pans—Keep a block of beeswax available to rub over your baking pans and cookie sheets before using. Beeswax is totally edible, making this perfectly safe. With time you pans will require on the permanent coat of wax, eliminating the necessity to grease them each time.

Cleaning your iron—When your iron begins to get gummy or scorched, you may make a homemade iron cleaner with beeswax that’s chemical-free, economical and sustainable. There is also a tutorial to make it here.

Cheese waxing—If you, much like me, enjoy making your personal cheeses, beeswax is the greatest natural cover cheeses. Whenever your cheese has completely dried, you are able to apply hot wax, which ensure an effective seal for the cheese. Beeswax can be useful for this because it features a low melting point.

Using beeswax to aid in plucking chicken—OK, I’m including that one because I’ve got a homesteading kitchen! Beeswax is a superb assist in defeathering and removing lower out of your chicken. There is also a video regarding how to pluck a duck using beeswax here.

Barbecuing with beeswax—Whether you possess an outside grill or perhaps a stove-top indoor grill, coating your grill with beeswax before utilizing it makes cleanup a great deal simpler.

3. Using Beeswax in Homemade Beauty and health Products

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Recipe for Beeswax Face Cream : Natural Skin Care


gmail andrianak: Great cream! but.. which method do you use to sterilize the jars and everything? thanks!

Moniqua Laloca: Isn't this an ointment? :-/

Mahikan Trails: Yes this is a salve or ointment. Creams and lotions contain a water phase

Candida Leaver: Thank you for this face cream recipe.  This is my second year of keeping bees so I am about to use my small amount of bees wax to make myself 10 years younger with the help of this cream! Wish me luck….

James Greenamyer: That was great, Thanks so much!

Nola U: Can beeswax be stored in the fridge? I live in Hawaii and worried its going to melt.

zencat55: beeswax has a high melting point-you won't need to refrigerate:)

Kimberly J M: This is so simple yet powerful… great for adding moisture to dry skin also helps with healing scars ��

Honey Bee: it's too strong or did I do it wrong?

Lynn Mcqueen: can i use coconut oil?

bisera bi: what kind of measurement is that? Couldn't you be more specific, please? That's not even an ordinary cup.

Amber Ridgdill: She says all the measurements in the video. 1/4c oil, 1/2tbsp wax, essential oil to preference of smell (she uses 10 or so drops)

Jacqueline Rodrigues: can I add alpha lipoic acid to it? if so, when should i add it?\n\nthanks

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Masque Maison: Hello I'd like ask how can I make a non greasy face cream? Because this recipe is just too greasy. Thank you

Cristina Botilca: +Christien M Instead of almond oil, add grape seed oil, which is especially made for greasy skin, and instead of lavander add tea tree oil. It will work wonderfully for your type of skin.

Shagufta naz: lavendaroil is photosensitive? wont it harm in sunlight?

Shagufta naz: can i use paraffin wax except bees wax?

JennyGSS: You should NOT use parafin. Actually the best ingredients for that cream is extra virgin olive oil and pure beeswax. You can add some drops of essential oils.

Shagufta naz: +JennyGSS thanks a lot