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Protective—when put on your skin it possesses a barrier from ecological contaminants. It holds in moisture and reduces dryness and that’s why it’s frequently utilized in lip balms. But unlike vaseline, it’s also breathable therefore it doesn’t clog pores.

Humectant—it’s an ingredient that draws water molecules, assisting to keep skin hydrated.

Antibacterial—much like honey, beeswax is antibacterial, keeping skin neat and reducing the chance of infection.

Vit A—it’s surprisingly full of vit a meaning it will help in cell turnover rates, renovation and skin elasticity.

Anti-Inflammatory—like honey, beeswax is anti-inflammatory and it has been proven to assist soothe burns, eczema and promote healing of wounds.

Beeswax: 5 Amazing Ways To Use It + 4 Alternatives by FabulousFarmGirl.

Listed here are my 5 favorite uses of beeswax:

1. Skin Salves–I make all sorts of skin salves and beeswax is really a key component. It doesn"t only provide the salve the correct consistency, additionally, it provides a variety of advantages to your skin. Whether it’s Fabulous Skin Salve, Eczema Skin Salve or Fabulous Sleep Salve, beeswax is a vital component when creating these awesome skin soothing products. 

2. Lip Balm–I’m a lip balm addict but, really, who isn’t? The natural moisturizers in beeswax allow it to be ideal for your lips. It is simple to treat problems like cracked or chapped lips with the help of other such lip softening ingredients as coconut oil, shea butter, cacao butter,  sweet almond oil, raw honey and pure essential oils. This excellent all-natural lip balm will certainly make anybody smile. Click HERE for that recipe. 

3. Lotion Bars–Lotion bars are a good skin product which people might not be acquainted with and can love after they rely on them. Your skin boosting qualities of shea butter and additional-virgin olive oil, together with my personal favorite essential oils, combine to create a lotion bar which will protect against the driest skin. Click HERE for that recipe.

4. Wood Polish–Store-bought wood polish might have some nasty ingredients. Making your personal only requires beeswax, coconut oil along with a little acrylic. It requires only a couple of minutes cooking up, and it’ll make even your dingiest wood shine new. Click HERE for that recipe.  

5. Candles–Beeswax candle lights burn better, don’t emit toxic fumes like parafin candle lights and, because using them up emits negative ions, it really cleans the environment. I discovered an incredible publish on making your personal candle lights HERE

Can You Really Be Allergic To Beeswax?

Well, the reply is it depends.  

The issue isn’t the beeswax as pure beeswax is not proven to result in a hypersensitive reaction in people. Much more likely the allergic attack is because propolis that is a sticky resinous substance that bees collect in the sap of trees, usually common and conifer trees.

The bees blend it with wax flakes secreted from glands on their own abdomens and employ this “glue” to line cells of the honeycomb and also to complete gaps within the beeswax walls. If you’ve ever attempted to pry the frames apart when inspecting your beehive you will know propolis is nature’s super-glue.

Some propolis remains combined with the beeswax when it’s harvested.  It’s the propolis (in other words, certain constituents within the propolis) that induce the allergic attack, also referred to as contact eczema, in those who are responsive to it.

Exactly what do you utilize if you’re allergic to beeswax? 

 4 Options to Beeswax (benefits and drawbacks): 

1. Candelilla Wax–

in the leaves from the candelilla shrub indigenous to the southwest, candelilla wax has got the same lubricating qualities as beeswax but is harder and far less pliable. Use half the quantity known as when ever substituting for beeswax. Same cost as beeswax but you’ll use half the quantity.

2. Carnuba Wax (Carnauba Wax)–

obtained from palms that grow in South america. I’m wary because of the ecological problems brought on by palm oil production. Like candelilla wax, carnuba hardens two times as hard as beeswax, so reduce the quantity of wax utilized in your recipe by the vast majority when replacing beeswax with carnuba wax. Cost is greater than beeswax however you’ll use half just as much.

3. Soy Wax–

some generally utilized in candle lights it is also utilized as a substitute for beeswax in lip balms, lotions along with other cosmetics. My anxiety about soy anything is when it isn’t organic it’s genetically modified. You will find, 98% from the soy grown within this country originates from GMO seed. Another 2% originates from growers who don’t make wax. As well as 99% of soy wax available on the market contains other waxes like paraffin, bees wax and palm wax.

That stated, soy wax has got the same hardness as beeswax so you can use it in equal amounts in recipes. It’s considerably less expensive than another waxes however, you get that which you purchase.

4. Bayberry Wax–

produced by boiling the fruits from the myrica plant and skimming the vegetable tallow (it isn’t a real wax) from the water’s surface. Bayberry wax is extremely hard and brittle so use half (or perhaps less) than the quantity of beeswax.

Bayberry wax is very costly, difficult to find and it has a really strong, earthy, resin-like aroma that won’t be hidden by other fragrances. 

There you have it. Personally my choice could be candelilla wax if beeswax isn’t an choice for you. Have it HERE. 

Beeswax: 5 Amazing Ways To Use It + 4 Alternatives by FabulousFarmGirl.


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