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Where we get the best beeswax candle lights, beeswax soaps, beeswax lotions, balms, salves & fragrances on the planet. Yes, on the planet. We make spectacular and finish bath, body & candle products inside a unique method in which only we provide. If we don’t believe the product we make is the greatest it may be, we scrap it and allow whomever managed to get better.

A household owned company in Southern Ohio, part apiary and part wax chandler we combine the traditional using the modern and produce out the very best of all possible worlds. Our personal, body, bath and candle merchandise is either produced from beeswax or to utilize a beeswax product. Beeswax may be the core of the items we all do and many in our primary lines. Anything that you can do having a wax can be achieved more and better efficiently with beeswax.

While we don’t keep bees ourselves (we’re too busy with this particular side from the business), we all do own most our hives through co-op control and just cope with producers who stick to the same quality and wholesomeness controls we all do. Our wax is really a natural, pure, unadulterated, organic product without any other waxes added unconditionally. Our beeswax is edible food-grade, cosmetic ready and has the aroma of honey.

We hands make as numerous facets of our production as you possibly can. We even hands result in the wicking within our candle lights and each lotion from raw material to wrapping. Every lip butter flavoring is made from real wines, fruits, essential oils and liquors.

Please spend some time when browsing our website. Pay special note to the About Us pages and our Mission Statement. Throughout our website we share what we should do and why, the advantages of beeswax and much more. We provide some unique and beautiful products that are certain to impress the most particular of bath, body & candle customers. We’re the initial lotion bar pioneers. Almost every other solid lotion is simply a cheap copy inside a fancy container. Try our lotion and you’ll understand why. Our products have detailed explanations and descriptions. Please take time to read them, as it’ll make selecting what fits your needs an simpler task.

We’ve been online since 1998 and also have a superb status for solid craftsmanship, wonderful products and customer service. We ship products every Tuesday, each week of the season, and each day available throughout the holidays. We’re a smaller sized company, and each method is hand crafted by us. Patrons take presctiption an initial purchased first offered basis, so please, put your holiday orders as soon as possible to insure early delivery.

When you are with questions not clarified already on the website, make use of the Call Us tab and we’ll address your question personally.

Resourse: http://naturecraft.internet/

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e stan: Did you use square braided cotton? What size? I am looking for so long and I can't decide what size is appropriate.

msbrunell: If you review some of the earlier comments for this video you will see what sizes I use.

Princess Excess: could you use extra wax on the outside for detail i was thinking of dying some beeswax black and detailing the ridges slightly and colouring the bees in if i used a fine paintbrush would this work ?

msbrunell: Sounds like fun…probably would work.

James Parker: You should help the Priminitive Technology guy out

The Mysterious gamer: Cute little candles!!

Kaitlyn Hayes: how can I buy one of ur candles?

Kaitlyn Hayes: msbrunell well I think that is awesome i wish u all the best luck ! thank you

Kaitlyn Hayes: msbrunell well I think that is awesome i wish u all the best luck ! thank you

Megan-Marie Delegas PT, DPT: Does tunneling ever become an issue/any tips to prevent it?

msbrunell: Yes it is an issue, and honestly I have not tried to solve it.

Pathfindersfarm: Great video, just what I needed to see, thanks!

Schweizerbienen: Nice you Video! What is that for a glas tube you use for fill the forms?

e stan: I think it's a turkey baster.

tkdbabe67: Love your hive shaped molds. And Chopin, too! 🙂 Great video. Thank you for sharing your craft.

David Vrona: What type of wick are you using? I've read that wick selection for beeswax candles can be tricky. Great video by the way.

David Vrona: No need to coat the wick in advance? 

msbrunell: +David Vrona Not to my knowledge. It works fine without coating it.

Mariana Soares: Hi, what size wick do you recommend?

msbrunell: +Mariana Soares I use 2/0 wick for the small candles, and 60 wick for the big ones.