Beeswax natural cheese wax Body pound

We’ve had several customer submit beautiful photos of homemade cheese coated using their own beeswax. We are excited offer this natural beeswax to work with.

Beeswax has been utilized for centuries because of its unique chemistry which is able to produce creamy textures in a number of cosmetic applications. Due to the highly complex composition of beeswax and it is soft, pliable nature, beeswax remains a vital raw material for a lot of finished products despite centuries of business use.

CONTAINS: 1 lb of natural beeswax.

YIELD: 1 lb will wax roughly 12-20 cheeses when brushed on.

DIRECTIONS: The safest method to melt wax is within a dual boiler. To organize, heat 1 lb beeswax and, if preferred, two ounces of vegetable shortening, to 200°F. When the mixture is melted, drop the temp to 160°F -180°F. There’s two methods to apply wax. Having a natural bristle brush (an artificial brush will melt) you are able to use a thin coat of wax directly on your dried, chilled cheese. Or, you are able to dip your cheese & take it off having a quick, smooth motion, repeating having a 90° rotation in between each dip until fully coated. You will need the coating to become 1/16 inch thick.

Vegetable shortening can help in stopping cracks by looking into making the formula more pliable.

Before reducing your cheese we advise managing a sharp knife under warm water to assist produce a clean cut.

When you’re prepared to eat your cheese, the wax can be taken off after which strained through Butter Muslin (U2) to become reused again and again.

STORAGE: Store in awesome place, from any high temperature. Could keep indefinitely.

NOTE: We purchase the product Certified Kosher (Tablet-K) in large quantities. The merchandise will be repackaged into smaller sized quantities without Kosher supervision, thus voiding the Kosher certification. We’re not, nor will we make any representation to become, under kosher certification.

Click The Link to see a duplicate from the kosher certification for that bulk form of the product.

Beeswax natural cheese wax Body pound an artificial brush

WAXING Commercially Made CHEESES: Wow, wax is flying out of the box here! So many people are attempting to get ready for a different sort of future. Here’s our short explanation of waxing commercially made cheese.

Usually cheese bought within the supermarket is definitely an already aged perfectly end product. Waxing it in small pieces could cause some problems. If your cheese isn’t switched regularly gravity may cause all of the moisture to fall towards the bottom creating a mushy mess underneath the wax. We’d suggest you purchase whole wheels or help make your own cheeses after waxing them, start at least one time per week to avoid problems. We suggest you air dry your cheese for just two-three days just before waxing.

In the end cheese is really a living breathing food, ENJOY!


Preserving Cheese Using The Waxing Method


ÇÓDŸ Š V ŁÖG: video starts at 2:34

PixieTrailSprite: I'm not sure that I understand why the waxing is necessary if you are also keeping these refrigerated. I vacuum seal 2 lb and 8 oz blocks in FoodSaver bags and keep them in the refrigerator for a year or more. No drying, or waxing necessary. Am I missing something important? This would make sense if it were being kept out a room temperature. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks.

Cassandra Morehouse: waxing cheese was the way to preserve cheese long before foodsaver existed. you only need a cool dry place to store. she uses her crisper in the fridge because she doesn't have a cool dry place to store. It gets hot where she lives.

PixieTrailSprite: +Cassandra Morehouse\nYes, I realize that's how it was done in the olden days but it is long and tedious when the same effect can be achieved by pushing a button and waiting about 20 seconds.\n\nI vacuum seal cheese that cannot be frozen and tuck them in at the very back of the refrigerator where they are least likely to be in the way. Cheese that will be turned into sauces or those that freeze without ill effects are simply frozen. Some people keep separate refrigerators–usually older models–for housing nothing but cheese.\n\nIn the "olden days" they had no refrigeration. I have noted that in large English country homes, small rooms–usually at underground levels with stone walls and no windows–were dedicated entirely to cheese storage. These were rooms where it was unlikely for mice to find ingress.\n\nThanks for the input. :)

Mina V: I remeber as a kid my grandmother would make strawberry jam and I would go though it like a buzz saw. She would put it in jars and at the top was wax.

1powerfulforce: Linda, I am new to this, so if this seems like a stupid or silly question, please forgive me. Once you have dipped your cheese in wax, how do you store it? Do you store it in the fridge, freezer, or pantry? I am assuming the pantry, but again, I am new to this!

Linda's Pantry: +1powerfulforce I store it in the garage frig but if you have a cool spot that is fine too:)

Jane Malone: I'm curious about the vinegar also – it doesn't affect the flavor?  What if you make your own cheese – would you also use the vinegar before waxing it?

Cassandra Morehouse: the vinager is to kill mold

WW Suwannee: I know this is an old vid but here's a tip…put your cheese in the freezer for about 15 minutes before waxing, and the wax cools almost instantly.

Lee Dlion: can a coconut be canned then waxed

Jeanette Silhouette: What kind of wax is this? Where do you get it?

CHILEDOUG KIZERIAN: +Jeanette Silhouette Amazon

JP Moore: can you wax homemade farmers type cheese made from goat milk

Barbara Corfield: I was watching another of your video's about the Hamburger Helper.. Yum.. and you talked about waxing cheese. I am very interested.. So I will watch your video on this..

Chris Pine: About (OIE!)  twenty years ago I was in Wisconsin for work and there was this private owned cheese house! He had 20 year old aged sharp cheddar and it was incredible. He waxed the cheese you would buy!   Best cheese ever! 

Just Me: I live in WI and we make cheese.   Yes 20 year old is GREAT.    To bad its so hard to contact people on youtube  If i could contact you i would be glad to send in the mail cheese,  once its waxed it can make it though the mail easy.

Aleema Muhammed Rasheed: You can literally milk any being with an active mammary gland and make cheese out of it. Milk your wife for cheese sake.

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