Plastic wrap alternative diy beeswax cotton wraps

I had been first brought to beeswax-coated cotton wraps when someone provided one made locally They rapidly grew to become a fundamental part of our food storage regime. They’re beautiful, functional, multiple-use, economical and eco-friendly.  And, when i soon discovered, simple enough to create.

I’ve been trying to scale back the kitchen at home plastic usage for a long time.  I do not trust plastic especially if this is holding food, which is not sustainable.  I replaced my plastic canisters and zip lock bags with glass or stainless ones.  Apart from the price, individuals weren’t too hard to change to.  The product which i were built with a greater challenge replacing was plastic wrap.  The benefit is tough to exchange.  These beeswax wraps, however, have single handedly eliminated plastic wrap from our kitchen.  They are ideal for wrapping cheese, covering dishes, or folding into snack bags.  They even be stitched into small snack bags for use in school or work if preferred.

Plastic wrap (I made use of Saran wrap) is really a inefficient, single-use, oil product that i’m convinced isn’t an acceptable a part of natural living.  When accustomed to store or heat food, plastic leaches toxins into our food that people then consume.  Numerous studies have finally proven that BPA, a compound that’s in lots of plastics, causes numerous unacceptable health problems in individuals who consume foods in touch with it.  All plastics contain chemicals, and a few aren’t well-studied to demonstrate their safety. Plastic wrap isn’t any exception.  Beeswax cotton wraps give a effective and safe alternative.

We’ve beeswax available constantly since we keep honey bees.  Beeswax is 100% natural, non-toxic, and comparatively affordable.  I personally use it in my body product recipes such as hands lotions, body butters, deodorant and balms.  It’s water-repellent and it has natural antibacterial qualities.  When put on cotton, it renders the cotton “unbreathable” which will help keep up with the proper moisture content when storing food.  These characteristics turn it into a great candidate for any plastic wrap alternative.

When selecting your fabric, use 100% cotton (organic is more suitable).  The perfect thickness is really a sheeting cotton.  (Think, sleep sheets or pillow situation).  You are able to reuse old sheets or pillow cases, or choose beautiful fabrics just for fun.

Should you rather get these wraps produced in The United States with a sustainable company and priced reasonably, click the link.


  • beeswax, grated (or pellets).  I personally use about .5 oz. of beeswax per wrap
  • 100% cotton fabric, cut to appropriate size (12×12 in. or 8×8 in. works best for us)
  • old cookie sheet (that’ll be used for this function only, forever after)
  • paintbrush (that’ll be used for this function only, forever after)
  • chop stick for stirring the wax because it melts
  • cheese grater (used solely for beeswax)
  • a make-shift clothesline and garments pins
  • oven


  1. Preheat oven to 185F.  (Greater will burn the wax.  I understand from experience…)
  2. Place pre cut fabric on cookie sheet.
  3. Sprinkle evenly and gently with grated beeswax.  Its not necessary a great deal!
  4. Devote preheated oven.  Watch carefully!  This will take a few minutes or fewer.
  5. When the beeswax is simply melted, remove from oven.
  6. Spread wax evenly with paintbrush to pay for over any spots that aren’t yet coated.
  7. Hold on makeshift clothes line with clothes pegs, to dry.  Once cooled, technology-not only!


  • In case your wax begins to harden before you decide to have evenly spread it, simply reheat it in the oven and check out again.
  • This recipe uses less than 1 oz. of beeswax per sheet.
  • For those who have lots of wax left around the cookie sheet, place another bit of fabric on empty cookie sheet and it will absorb the additional wax.
  • All the supplies except the beeswax can be bought cheaply at thrift stores and could be recycled for other DIY projects involving beeswax.  Buy the beeswax through Mountain Rose Herbs, a reliable company transporting a variety of ingredients for body products.
  • Wash in awesome water having a gentle soap.  I personally use liquid castile soap.
  • Each wrap can last several several weeks or even more based on usage.

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How To Make an alternative to plastic wrap using beeswax & cotton


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