Steps to make beeswax candle lights

how to make beeswax candles -- a simple tutorial!

*Flicker flicker flicker*

When I’m sitting through the blazing wood stove on the cold winter’s night, I gotta possess a candle. No ifs, ands, or buts, as soon as just isn’t complete with no dancing light of the burning wick.

Despite the fact that I’m dumped the majority of my candle lights in support of my essential diffusers (because furthermore my essential oils make the house wear some perfume naturally, they also can offer health advantages), I still desire the cozy ambiance of the traditional-fashioned candle.

Sadly, despite the fact that most candle lights no more contain toxic lead wicks, many you may purchase at the shop still contain plenty of junk, for example artificial scents and paraffin. In short– items you don’t want going swimming the environment of your house.


Donrrrt worry though– we’re homesteaders–we’ve got this complete homemade candle factor covered.

I’ve already proven you how to make tallow candle lights, but simply in situation you will be short on tallow, you are able to stick to the same approach to learn to make beeswax candle lights too. Beeswax burns superbly and is an excellent choice for natural, non-toxic, homemade candles.

An email about beeswax: For those who have bees, lucky you! 😉 Homegrown, filtered beeswax is really a beautiful option for homemade candle lights. However, should you not have bees yet (much like me), you could seek advice from local beekeepers to find out if someone has beeswax for purchase. Should you strike available, Amazon . com is definitely a choice too. (This is where I acquired mine now).

how to make beeswax candles in mason jars


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Steps to make Beeswax Candle lights

  • Beeswax (this is exactly what I made use of)
  • Wicks (fundamental essentials ones I made use of)
  • Glass jars (canning jars work great!)
  • Dedicated container, like a #10 can, for melting the wax (because it’s impossible to wash out later on!)

(An Email About Amounts: 1 lb of beeswax equals roughly 20 ounces in volume. With this tutorial, I made use of 1 lb of beeswas pastilles. It filled the 4 small canning jars proven within the above photo. Thankfully, the recipe is extremely flexible, if you have pretty much beeswax, simply fill pretty much containers!)


Put the beeswax to your dedicated container/can. Put the can in the stock pot filled half-full with water.  Simmer over medium-high temperature, stirring from time to time because it melts.

Meanwhile, ready your jars and wicks.

In the meantime, prepare your jars and wicks.

The aim is to buy the wick to remain in the center of the jar once we pour within the beeswax also it sets. You are able to make this happen several different ways. For instance:

  • Make use of a glue gun to stay the wick to the foot of the jar
  • Attach the wick towards the jar with super glue
  • Contain the wick in position with strips of masking tap
  • Use pencils or dowels to prop/stabilize the wick.
  • Or use a mix of these techniques.

No matter the technique, as lengthy because the wick stays in the heart of the jar. Within the above photos, I placed some glue at the base from the wick to secure it to the foot of the jar. Then i curled the wick around a little dowel to help keep it from tipping over.

Pour the melted beeswax in to the jar, departing 1 inch of room at the very top. Set the jars aside and permit them to awesome and hang completely.


Trim the wick, light, and enjoy your homemade beeswax candle lights!


  • Will my beeswax candle lights go rancid? No. One benefit of beeswax is it won’t go rancid like soy wax or palm wax.
  • Can One scent my homemade beeswax candle lights? Sure! Lots of people use essentials to produce natural aroma therapy candle lights. However, bear in mind that essential oils don’t love high temps, so frequently the scent won’t be as strong just like you were using artificial fragrances. It’s my job to just leave my homemade candle lights unscented, and then suggest the house smell pretty with my acrylic diffuser rather.
  • Once you learn to make beeswax candle lights within this publish, click here to learn to make tallow candle lights too.
  • How do you filter beeswax in my candle lights? Here’s a relevant video that’ll demonstrate how!

In the meantime, prepare your jars and wicks.


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