The beeswax wreck project operated by naga group concerning the beeswax wreck

Among the most widely used mysteries from the Or Coast continues to be the identification from the "Beeswax Wreck" at Nehalem Beach, in Tillamook County. Identified with time by various researchers as whether Chinese or Japanese junk, a Spanish galleon, a Portuguese trader, or perhaps a lost British or Nederlander pirate vessel, we’ve been in a position to determine the ship was basically a Spanish Galleon from the Manila Trade. Nehalem Indian dental histories and also the journals from the earliest traders in the region indicate the galleon wrecked just before European settlement and even most European search for the Off-shore Northwest.

Painting by Gordon


They have been hidden during the last

a century. However, blocks of beeswax are from time to time

discovered by beachcombers within the sand dunes next to

the website.

Archaeologists have retrieved assemblages of Chinese porcelain sherds from nearby archaeological sites, including some which were modified into projectile points through the local Nehalem Indians, and eroded out from marine deposits. These sherds display design motifs indicating these were produced in China within the late 17th Century, and were meant for export towards the European market. Research into the design motifs signifies the most of the porcelain was manufactured sometime between 1680 and 1700 AD.

Radiocarbon samples from wood considered to be connected using the wrecked vessel and beeswax blocks which were a part of her cargo are also dated, and, whilst not as precise because the ceramic dates, additionally they indicate the vessel comes from the time from the Spanish Manila Trade.


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