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Where’s Salem?

Salem is on the coast of Massachusetts 16 miles north of Boston and 45 miles south of Nh. Neighboring communities include Beverly, Danvers, Marblehead, Peabody and Swampscott.

Salem is…

…25 miles from Concord,

…30 miles from Lexington,

…56 miles from Plymouth,

…87 miles from Hyannis,

…74 miles from Sturbridge,

…125 miles from Northampton,

…148 miles from Stockbridge.

How can we make it happen?

Logan Worldwide Airport terminal in Boston, MA, may be the nearest airport terminal. It’s a 30- to 45-minute drive from Logan to downtown Salem, based on traffic. MassPort.com

Manchester Airport terminal in Manchester, NH, is roughly 70 minutes away by vehicle.

For those other travel information, click the link.

Just how much will it cost to consider taxis from Boston’s Logan Airport terminal to Salem?

Roughly $50.00 one of the ways.

We’re driving. Where will we park?

We advise using parking garages. Get more information at parking information.

After which what? Where will we start?

If you’re planning the first trip to Salem, please start in the Salem Regional Customer Center, found at 2 New Liberty Street. The Nation’s Park Service Rangers and volunteers will help you with maps, brochures and directions. You will find clean restrooms, a present shop, along with a free 27-minute film known as “Where Past exists.Inches After that, you might want to have a trolley tour to orient you to ultimately all the attractions within the City. Salem Trolley provides a 1-hour narrated tour, and tickets are valid for on-and-off travel until 5pm at the time check in is purchased.

When can one obtain a agenda for Haunted Happenings?

The schedule of occasions for Salem Haunted Happenings is printed yearly in August. Visit HauntedHappenings.org for info on last year’s festival, as well as for 2010 occasions because they are planned. We add new occasions nearly every day!

When will the Salem Ferry run?

Boston Harbor Cruises operates Salem Ferry service between Boston’s Lengthy Wharf and Salem’s Blaney Street. The present year’s schedule can be obtained on its website. The trip takes 55 minutes. The ferry is enclosed, has restrooms along with a snack bar.

Are we able to have a train or bus to Salem?

You are able to! The MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) Commuter Rail connects Salem to Boston’s North Station, Newburyport, Rockport and Gloucester. The fare between Boston and Salem is $6.75 per ride (one of the ways). You are able to walk from Salem Depot to downtown shopping, dining, attractions and also the waterfront. For bus service, take #450 from South Station, #455 from Wonderland and #459 from Logan Terminal C. MBTA.com

What’s the weather as with Salem?

Colonial weather conditions are unpredictable year-round. Monthly averages, in levels F, are:

The month of january: 37 high, 20 low

Feb: 40 high, 23 low

March: 47 high, 30 low

April: 57 high, 38 low

May: 67 high, 48 low

June: 76 high, 58 low

This summer: 82 high, 63 low

August: 80 high, 62 low

September: 73 high, 55 low

October: 62 high, 45 low

November: 52 high, 37 low

December: 42 high, 27 low

How can i buy a combination ticket to Salem’s attractions?

The Uncover Salem Passport includes admittance to home of the Seven Gables, The Peabody Kent Museum, The Salem Witch Museum and also the Salem Trolley (in season).

Go To The Land of Witches & Pirates having a combo ticket towards the Witch Dungeon Museum, Witch History Museum, and Colonial Pirate Museum.

The Salem Hysteria Pass includes the Salem Wax Museum and Salem Witch Village.

Faqs salem ma able to

The Visit 1692 Pass includes the Salem Witch Museum, Witch House and also the Rebecca Nurse House in Danvers, and includes discounts in the Tavern in the Hawthorne Hotel, Ye Olde Pepper Chocolate Companie and Goodies Frozen Treats (Danvers).

The length of Salem?

Salem is an extremely walkable city. How quickly you walk it can be you! Running out of energy walk one half-mile in a leisurely pace in 15-twenty minutes. Here are a few sample distances:

Just to walk in the MBTA stop towards the Salem Ferry at Blaney Street is under one mile.

The Nation’s Park Service Regional Salem Customer Center towards the Phillips House on Chestnut Street is simply more than a half-mile.

Home of the Seven Gables towards the Salem Witch Museum is really a half-mile.

The Peabody Kent Museum towards the Salem Maritime National Historic Website is under one half-mile. Salem Willows and Winter Island Maritime Park are each about 1.5 miles from the middle of downtown Salem (at Salem Common). While people do walk these distances, most choose to drive. There’s ample parking at both destinations.

What’s the red line attracted around the sidewalks?

The red lines are the Salem Heritage Trail, also it connects the most crucial stops and neighborhoods in Salem. The road is colored around the pavement and helps to create four loops with the city that will help you explore. It’s colored into the spotlight within the Salem Customer Guide, around the maps within the information kiosks around Salem as well as in the Salem Best Maps.

We’re driving a motorhomeOrengine home. Where are we able to park it basically we begin to see the sites?

Camper and RV parking is allowed at Salem Willows Park and along Fort Avenue next to the country Power Plant. From downtown Salem, driving northeast, Derby Street becomes Fort Avenue. The 2 trolley companies in Salem run tours to Salem Willows and may provide transportation towards the downtown for the price of their ticket prices. RV camping can be obtained seasonally at Winter Island Maritime Park.

Where are we able to rent a motorized wheel chair or any other medical supplies?

There’s two outlets in Salem that may accommodate the medical requirements of visitors:

Eastern Lung Services, 85 Bridge Street, Salem. (978) 745-4654 or (800) 698-4654. Wheelchairs, power scooters, respiratory system equipment along with other medical products are for sale to short-term rental. Motorized wheel chair rentals are $10/day having a $50 deposit.

Hutchinson Medical, Corporation., 333 Highland Ave., Salem, (978) 741-1770 (open Monday–Friday 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m.-noon). Motorized wheel chair rentals are $25/day.

An email about driving in Salem:

Pedestrians possess the right-of-means by Massachusetts, and vehicles are needed and likely to stop for pedestrians crossing the street. Since Salem is an extremely walkable city, in addition to a runner-friendly community, you’ll probably encounter pedestrians crossing the street who assume you know that they’ve the best-of-way. Please drive carefully.

Regarding Bicycles: Salem comes with an active cycling community, and you’ll notice “sharrows” on several roads and interchanges. Please be ready to share the street with cyclists, and become conscious of cyclists when navigating our intersections.

Did we miss something?

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Resourse: http://salem.org/faq/

Salem, Massachusetts ~ The Witch City


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