Body sugar versus wax alexandria professional® body sugaring laser hair removal

People frequently ask us, “Is there really a noticeable difference between waxing and sugaring?” The reply is yes, and a great deal actually…

AP Sugaring Products are not the same from waxing products

Sugaring unwanted facial and body hair requires a completely different mind-set and approach from waxing. For example, have you know…

AP sugaring products do not adhere to reside skin cells…

This is among the major variations between sugaring and waxing legs along with other more sensitive areas. Wax products are constructed with resins which stick to skin cells. Because wax stays with any surface it’s put on, pulling it away causes unwarranted discomfort. Alexandria Professional® sugaring products never stick to live skin cells on physiques, faces, or legs. Therefore, when it’s removed, it just lightly exfoliates the dead skin cells, departing behind smooth smooth skin.

Body sugar versus wax alexandria professional® body sugaring laser hair removal eliminate ingrown hair

Furthermore, because AP sugaring paste is natural and water soluble, it may be easily rinsed away as needed.

AP sugaring technique extracts hair in the natural direction of growth…

When waxing legs and physiques, you take away the hair from the natural direction of growth causing undue amounts of discomfort. With Alexandria Professional®’s sugaring method, you simply take away the hair within the natural direction from the hair regrowth. Plus, with the Alexandria sugaring application technique, the sugar paste seeps in to the hair follicle. This can help lubricate your hair root whether or not it’s around the legs or elsewhere in your client.

Body sugar versus wax alexandria professional® body sugaring laser hair removal pulling it

Both of these details alone make an enormous amount of improvement in comfort for that client. This is particularly essential for clients who’ve endured previously with waxing in sensitive areas.

The healthy distinction between AP’s natural sugar pastes versus chemicals for waxing legs and bodies…

Alexandria Professional® Sugaring Paste is natural. It’s even edible and scrumptious. Our sugar pastes are extremely safe and skin friendly.

Most products employed for waxing legs and full physiques are manufactured from oil based resins and chemicals which makes them vulnerable to contamination or mix contamination.

No recourse of burning sensitive skin areas with AP sugaring…

Waxing the legs or any other areas on the client using hot wax runs the chance of burning sensitive skin. There’s just not a way around that. While women are utilized to this risk, males are frequently afraid of the thought of hot wax on their own chest, legs, face, or back.

Body sugar versus wax alexandria professional® body sugaring laser hair removal chest, legs, face, or

AP sugaring is performed at body’s temperature. Alexandria Professional® advanced sugar pastes adhere towards the hair, and not the skin, and lubricate the main for simpler extraction in the follicle. Combined with laser hair removal within the natural direction of growth, AP sugaring means an infinitely more comfortable experience for everybody.

AP Body Sugaring and Full Circle of Skin Conditioning Treatments will…

  •  eliminate ingrown hair
  •  prevent new ingrown hair
  •  extract all hair textures and colors
  •  successfully treat all skin tones and colours
  •  improve the skin’s tone and texture
  • treat various skin problems for example keratosis, eczema, skin psoriasis, etc…

AP Body Sugaring will not…

  • burn your skin
  • damage the dermal cells
  •  “pit” the fragile skin cells
  • scar the follicle mouth or area
  • promote mix contamination
  • cause unnecessary discomfort
  • cause ingrown hair

So how exactly does your knowledge about waxing stack facing AP’s body sugaring list?


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